Since 2008, and in every legalized marijuana jurisdiction, the Hoban Law Group has won and helped fortify cultivation, processing, and dispensing licenses. From industry titan multi-state operators to start-ups through clinical registrants, HLG’s approach to obtaining licenses integrates all 4 cannabis enterprise stages: Formation; Application; Operation; and Exit.

 1. Formation

Planning is the secret to profitability and step one is forming an entity providing maximum protection, ease of operation, and the most favorable tax treatment. HLG’s decade of expertise forming and growing profitable marijuana-related businesses in every legalized cannabis jurisdiction provides an unshakeable foundation.

Before the application gets drafted, HLG’s corporate, tax, and intellectual property groups will guide you through what form your entity should take, selecting and obtaining appropriate financing, securing a bank account, and establishing a correct valuation.

2. Application

    • A bullet-proof application requires a 360° perspective. HLG’s decade long, multi-jurisdictional expertise in obtaining licenses fuel our ability to:
    • Build and coordinating your team by connecting you to invaluable industry grow, processing, dispensary, medical, social justice, and diversity experts
    • Break down and explain applications’ components and timetable, help meet requirements and ensure complete regulatory compliance
    • Manage application team to ensure all deliverables fully and timely provided
    • Draft application sections and related legal documents (ex., leases, letters of intent, employment agreements, and by-laws)
    • Redact and file application and attachments

From drafting the entire application to serving as a second set of eyes, HLG’s up-to-date and comprehensive command of the marijuana sector landscape, laws, and policies enable us to craft a crackerjack application.

3. Operation

Operating a compliant and profitable growth, processing, and/or dispensing facility requires finesse. HLG swiftly, responsively and cost-effectively provides current and future federal, state and local industry-specific guidance regarding:

    • Risk management and best practices implementation
    • Regulatory and licensing compliance
    • Packaging, labeling, marketing, and advertising restrictions
    • Environmental law compliance and waste disposal issues
    • Regulatory-integrated issues relating to supply chain, corporate, intellectual property, litigation avoidance, and litigation

4. Exit

Positioning business for the highest valuation, and swiftest and most lucrative sale and license transfer, permeates all of HLG’s efforts. By counseling you through the long-term implications of formation, application, and operational decisions, HLG helps achieve the most favorable and timely exit.

In addition, HLG’s global scope enables our clients to capitalize on market opportunities across the country and around the world

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