HLG provides strategic legal solutions for domestic and global companies doing business in foreign jurisdictions. Participating in emerging market economies, our attorneys are uniquely equipped to help clients navigate unfamiliar territories.

Based in Denver, Colorado – the center of America’s regulated hemp and marijuana markets—Hoban Law Group is the Nation’s first (since 2009) full-service, a business-oriented law firm serving the cannabis industry exclusively. HLG has over a decade of cannabis industry successes. Our reputation results from serving its entrepreneurial client base, which demands professional service with an eye towards new markets, new opportunities, and ultimately, global expansion/investment. As a result, HLG has created the world’s largest and most sophisticated cannabis industry network.

Today, HLG is the first U.S. based law firm to expand its cannabis industry services across the globe, with attorneys in the European Union, Latin America, and beyond. With these resources, HLG:

  • Assists with international expansion strategies
  • Facilitates capital raise efforts
  • Mergers and acquisitions (M&A)
  • Cross-border transactions
  • Import/export
  • FDA (or international equivalent)
  • Provides accurate real-time country-by-country legal status
  • Assists with international distribution
  • Builds out international client asset portfolios within the global cannabis economy
  • Syncs the complex and varied international regulatory models in order to develop a cogent production and distribution strategy for our clients.

On the heels of our experience in the U.S. cannabis market, HLG has become a household name in the global cannabis economy, both in hemp and marijuana.  And because of what we do, who we are, and who we represent, HLG’s network is truly the largest cannabis industry network in the world.  As with HLG lawyers around the United States, the firm offers experienced and connected attorneys to provide legal services in numerous countries facing questions related to the regulated hemp and marijuana. HLG attorneys provide elite guidance on the many legal questions that arise for international businesses, politics/governments, and ancillary service providers.

HLG has strategic global partners of professional consultants and service providers with expertise in the global hemp marketplace and the regulated marijuana industry, whether that be science-based, medical-focused, or otherwise. Our international consortium partners each bring their own expertise to the table; they are leaders in their respective fields. HLG’s global partnerships will be a resource benefitting all corners of the world in facilitating global commerce, navigating legalization, implementation, enforcement, and research, among other important issues.

Should you have any questions, or require assistance beginning/expanding operations, acquiring assets, or building out a competitive business plan, please contact HLG today.

HGL Attorneys who Practice International Law