In the hemp industry, lawyers are not just lawyers, they are the institutional knowledge of the industry. While the global market for hemp has grown tremendously over the past decade, the constantly evolving nexus of law, regulations, and policy requires experienced counsel to help you navigate this nascent industry.

HLG is a global leader in hemp and hemp-derivative law and policy. Our hemp regulatory team possesses extensive experience worldwide in assisting clients to navigate the complexities of evolving federal, state, local and international regulatory schemes.

From litigating against governmental agencies to compelling game-changing regulatory advancements to providing institutional knowledge at each step of the regulatory processes, HLG’s experienced hemp team provides practical counsel to clients, whether start-ups or multinational corporations, to position themselves for success at each winding turn.

Our firm’s hemp services include advice relating to:

  • USDA compliance
  • FDA / FTC compliance—including labeling
  • State / local licensing and regulatory compliance
  • Supply chain considerations
  • Cross-jurisdictional considerations at federal, state, local, and international levels
  • Risk-mitigation, management, and implementation of best practices
  • Cross-disciplinary, regulatory-integrated issues related to corporate, intellectual property, litigation, and other matters
  • International affairs
  • Regulatory due diligence
  • Government and policymaking counsel
  • Legal guidance relating but not limited to ancillary services—banking, payment processing, financing

In addition, our firm’s global scope and international counsel positions our clients to capitalize on market opportunities around the world. HLG’s global partnerships are a resource for benefitting all corners of the world in facilitating global commerce, navigating legalization, implementation, enforcement, and research, among other important issues.

Practice Area Leads

Robert T Hoban - Marijuana lawyer, hemp lawyer, and cannabis lawyer.

Garrett is the Managing Attorney at HLG. He is nationally recognized as a Cannabis Law Trailblazer by National Law Journal.

Matthew Smith - Marijuana lawyer, hemp lawyer, and cannabis lawyer.

Matthew is an Attorney at HLG. He is licensed to practice in the state of Kentucky.


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