Throughout all phases of the business life cycle, from idea to exit, there are numerous phases and facets that “cannabusinesses” must maneuver to manage growth and risk to achieve success in the industry while navigating the various challenges and nuances of the space. Hoban Law Group possesses decades of experience working on the nation’s most significant transactions in the cannabis space.

We are the leading full-service business law firm that’s 100% committed to servicing businesses and investors engaged in the cannabis industry. Our diverse, high-energy corporate attorneys provide full-service, strategic business and corporate counseling to new and existing cannabis and hemp businesses at all critical points: start-up, financing, securities, corporate governance, business transactions, and mergers and acquisitions.

We also have significant experience forming, advising on and assisting in the management of investment funds in the space, whether they be venture capital, private equity, debt, or other types of investment funds. We also are significantly immersed in the capital markets in the cannabis space and participate in high profile deals on a regular basis. We’re often critical in helping our investor clients identify key deals for investment purposes and also helping our company clients identify key investors and strategic partners to help grow their businesses. We know how to gauge a deal early and how to spot deal-breakers before they become impediments to our client’s growth.

Our corporate and securities team has a comprehensive understanding of the financial and business impact of different legal structures to negotiate and structure complex corporate transactions and execute such transactions efficiently and effectively. The scope of our Corporate & Securities practice encompasses:

  • General Corporate & Transactional Representation
  • Financing & Securities
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Corporate Counsel
  • Venture Capital & Private Equity
  • Tax
  • Fund Formation
  • Strategic Business and Financing Advice

We strive to be intimately involved in our clients’ matters and business dealings, whether guiding our company clients through the phases of growth and long-term profitability and success or guiding our investor clients through vetting deals and providing diligence, negotiating and documentation expertise in executing investments and deals. And we’re 100% cannabis, so we have an unparalleled level of expertise helping our clients execute business and investment strategies in the cannabis industry.

Practice Area Leads

Brent Johnson - Marijuana lawyer, hemp lawyer, and cannabis lawyer.

Brent is a Partner with HLG and has over 20 years of finance, legal and extensive executive level management experience.


We work as a single united team with offices around the globe to give our clients the highest quality advice possible.


We publish industry trends, insights, and cannabusiness related information for cannabis, hemp and marijuana happenings.
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