Banking & Finance

HLG’s comprehensive command of the cannabis sector’s landscape, laws, and institutional players enables our firm to provide world-class banking services access, financing and lending alternatives, and financial distress relief.

Financial Services

Managing cash and securing elusive banking services is legalized marijuana’s greatest challenge. For clients ranging from plant-touching businesses to financial institutions through ancillary service providers, HLG counsels on forging and maintaining banking and financing relationships, cash management, and legally transporting cannabis cash including:

  • How to access banks presently accepting cannabis cash
  • Understanding and negotiating cannabis account fees
  • Legally transporting cannabis cash domestically and internationally
  • “Suspicious Activity” and “Currency Transaction” report filings

Lending and Financing

Helping a business grow requires capital and obtaining the correct form of debt or equity financing is where HLG shines most brightly. Encompassing “seed financing”, operating and mortgage loans, and Series A, B and C financing, HLG has:

  • Deep strategic experience on capitalization’s types and timing best suited to each business stage
  • Long-standing relationships with family offices, private equity, venture capital funds, hedge funds, and investors active in the cannabis industry
  • Seasoned and nimble attorneys capable of quickly and economically documenting and closing financing deals.

Through collaborating with its integrated team of corporate, tax, employment, intellectual property, real estate, and regulatory professionals, HLG’s banking and finance attorneys deliver practical solutions to clients’ comprehensive business needs.

Financial Distress Relief

Sustaining long term profitability requires functioning in lean periods and deploying all available debtor/creditor tools. HLG’s decade of expertise growing profitable marijuana-related businesses in every financial climate enable expertly counseling on accessing (and defending against) financial distress relief including:

  • Federal bankruptcy protection and automatic stays
  • “Workouts” restructuring debt’s amount and establishing repayment terms
  • “Receiverships” guiding financially troubled companies through insolvency
  • “Assignments for the benefit of creditors” liquidating businesses’ assets and distributing proceeds to creditors.

From preventing a loss of control to reassuring creditors of debt parameters, financial viability, and commitment to repay, HLG has swiftly and cost-effectively resolved hundreds of payment disputes enabling marijuana-related businesses to operate and prosper.

Practice Area Leads

Donnie Emmi - Marijuana lawyer, hemp lawyer, and cannabis lawyer.

Mr. Donnie Emmi has dedicated more than a decade focusing his practice on business & legal advisory services to the cannabis industry.

Steve Schain - Marijuana lawyer, hemp lawyer, and cannabis lawyer.

Steve Schain is a Senior Attorney and represents entities, governments, and individuals in various stages of the cannabis industry.


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