The Hoban Minute

We’re thrilled to share the Hoban Minute Podcast with you! Join us as we explore the history, the policy, the legal issues, and the newest developments in the U.S. and around the world that are shaping the hemp, marijuana, and cannabis industry.

Whether you’re a cannabis, hemp, or marijuana industry insider, a business owner, a farmer, a consumer, or just want to shift your perspective, tune into the Hoban Minute podcast for insights from global cannabusiness leader, the Hoban Law Group.

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The Hoban Minute Podcast - Hemp Marijuana and Cannabis
The Hoban Minute Podcast - Hemp Marijuana and Cannabis
The Hoban Minute Podcast - Hemp Marijuana and Cannabis
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The Hoban Minute – 01 Bob Hoban & Eric Singular Introduction

The spread of COVID-19 has put the world on edge. Like everyone, those in the hemp and marijuana industries are facing much uncertainty. Bob and Eric discuss what topics you can look forward to in this special series on “Coronavirus & Cannabis.”

The Hoban Minute – 02 Benzinga’s Patrick Lane | What Coronavirus Means for Cannabis Investment 

Bob and Eric sit down with Benzinga’s Senior VP of Corporate Partnerships, Patrick Lane to discuss opportunities for investors in a market downturn, whether or not this represents the burst of the cannabis bubble, and how investment in the global cannabis industry will be affected by the spread of the novel coronavirus.

The Hoban Minute – 03 101CBD’s Justin Benton | How Small Cannabusinesses Can Weather the Storm 

Bob and Eric sit down with Founder and Owner of California-based 101 CBD, Justin Benton to discuss what small business owners need to be addressing in the wake of COVID-19 and what steps are necessary to ensure consumer safety and relations during a pandemic.

The Hoban Minute – 04 HLG’s Luis Armendáriz | The Impact of Coronavirus on Mexico

Bob and Eric sit down with Chihuahua, Mexico-based, Hoban Law Group International Attorney, Luis Armendáriz who shares his perspective on how Mexico has reacted to the spread of COVID-19 in the last few weeks. They discuss the recent progress made by the Mexican Congress in recent months on cannabis legalization, possible delays to government proceedings from coronavirus, and the opportunity this presents for the Mexican cannabis supply chain.

The Hoban Minute – 05 iCAN’s Saul Kaye | Could CBD Cure Coronavirus? The Do’s and Don’ts of Claims and Representations

Bob and Eric sit down with Founder and CEO of iCAN and Organizer of CannaTech, Saul Kaye who shares his perspective on how Israel has reacted to the spread of COVID-19 in the last few weeks. They discuss the cutting-edge research being conducted on cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes derived from industrial hemp and medical cannabis, and what can and cannot be claimed by companies selling products in the absence of global and federal regulatory frameworks. 

The Hoban Minute – 06 NoCo’s Morris Beegle | The Uncertain Status of Cannabis Events Worldwide Pt. 1

Bob and Eric sit down with Co-Founder of We Are for Better Alternatives (WAFBA) and Organizer of the NoCo Hemp Expo to discuss the decision making process behind postponing the 7th Annual Noco Hemp Expo in Denver, CO to from March 2020 to August 2020, as well as the importance of staying positive when the world’s in panic.

The Hoban Minute – 07 GreenTech’s Mariska Dreschler | The Uncertain Status of Cannabis Events Worldwide Pt. 2

Bob and Eric sit down with the GreenTech’s Director Of Horticulture, Mariska Dreschler who shares her perspective on how the Netherlands has reacted to the spread of COVID-19 in the last few weeks.  

They discuss the decision making process behind postponing the GreenTech Americas event that was scheduled for March 2020 in Santiago de Querétaro, Mexico, and the GreenTech Amsterdam event that was scheduled for June 2020 in the Netherlands.

The Hoban Minute – 08 Journalists Kristen Nichols and Bart Schaneman | The Impact of Coronavirus on the Hemp and Marijuana Supply Chain

Bob and Eric sit down with Editor of the Hemp Industry Daily, Kristen Nichols, and Reporter for Marijuana Business Daily, Bart Schaneman to discuss how supply chain operators in the two sides of the cannabis industry – hemp and marijuana – will be presented with new challenges, but also with novel opportunities in these uncertain times. 

The Hoban Minute – 09 Functional Remedies’ Tim Gordon | What About the Farmers?

Bob and Eric sit down with the Chief Scientific Officer of Functional Remedies and founding member of the U.S. Hemp Growers Association, Tim Gordon to discuss how the 2020 U.S. hemp growing season and domestic hemp production may be affected by coronavirus, the new frontier of American hemp farming given the 2019 release of the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Interim Final Rule, and how to stay afloat in the wake of the flood.

The Hoban Minute – 10 Reakiro’s Stuart McKenzie | Opportunities and Silver Linings for Cannabis Entrepreneurs in a Pandemic

Bob and Eric sit down with CEO of Reakiro, Stuart McKenzie who shares his perspective on how governments of European countries have reacted to the spread of COVID-19 in the last few weeks. They discuss opportunities for innovation and entrepreneurship during a crisis. They also address what the designation of hemp and marijuana derivatives and foods as Novel Foods means in the European Union, and what we can expect to see in the E.U. in the months and years to come.

Previous Episodes 11 – 20

The Hoban Minute – 11 NCIA’s Morgan Fox | The Implications of Coronavirus on Government Regulations and Cannabis Policy Progress in D.C.

Bob and Eric sit down with Media Relations Director of the National Cannabis Industry Association, Morgan Fox to discuss the progress being made in cannabis policy in D.C. and around the country, the uncertainty posed by an election year, shifting rhetoric from democratic candidates over the last few election cycles, and whether or not coronavirus will accelerate cannabis reform or put in on the backburner.

The Hoban Minute – 12 Hoban Law Group’s Garrett Graff |  Am I Eligible for Government Financial Assistance?

Bob and Eric sit down with Managing Attorney of Hoban Law Group, Garrett Graff to discuss what cannabusiness owners need to be thinking about as it relates to legal considerations including contracts, force majeure clauses, liability, whether the COVID-19 pandemic qualifies as an “Act of God,” and much more. 

The Hoban Minute – 13 International Hemp Solutions’ Tom Dermody | Breaking News

Bob and Eric sit down with VP of Strategic Development for International Hemp Solutions, Tom Dermody to discuss the significance of cannabis businesses to be deemed as essential services in the States of Colorado, California, and Washington in the wake of shelter in place bans spurred by local, state, and federal government officials’s efforts to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

The Hoban Minute – 14 Hemp Point’s Hana Gabrielová | The Future of Hemp Fiber in the U.S.

Bob and Eric sit down with CEO of Hemp Point, Hana Gabrielová who shares her perspective on how the Czech Republic has been impacted by COVID-19 in recent weeks. They discuss the global market for hemp seeds originating from European plant breeders, the difference between farming hemp for fiber and growing hemp for cannabinoids, and the shifting attitude toward hemp in American agriculture.

The Hoban Minute – 15 Hoban Law Group’s Steve Schain | The Status of Cannabis Banking and What the Future May Hold

Bob and Eric sit down with Hoban Law Group Senior Attorney, Steve Schain to discuss the obstacles standing in the way of banking for hemp and marijuana businesses, what the future holds for the SAFE Banking Act, and the motto of the Post-Coronavirus economy: “Cash is King.”

The Hoban Minute – 16 Last Prisoner Project’s Steve DeAngelo | Protecting Incarcerated Communities During A Pandemic

Bob and Eric sit down with Founder of the Last Prisoner Project, Steve DeAngelo to discuss the challenges facing the legal marijuana industry in California, shifting paradigms and global perspectives on cannabis, and the valuable work of the Last Prisoner Project, the need of which has been greatly accelerated by the Coronavirus pandemic.

The Hoban Minute – 17 Prohibition Partners’ Alexandra Curley | How COVID-19 May Impact Consumer Behavior

Bob and Eric sit down with Prohibition Partners’ Head of Insights, Alexandra Curley who shares her perspective on how Ireland has been impacted by the spread of COVID-19. They discuss how consumers may drive increased sales for CBD products post-Coronavirus, the complexity, and patchwork of regulations across the European Union, and insights from the valuable global cannabis data and analytics work advanced by Prohibition Partners.

The Hoban Minute – 18 Fund Manager Brett Finkelstein | Opportunities for Cannabis Investment in a Down Market

Bob and Eric sit down with Former Managing Director of Phyto Partners, Brett Finkelstein to discuss whether or not this economic downturn will accelerate consolidation in the cannabis industry, the history of North American cannabis investment, and what investors look for in a cannabusinesses portfolio.

The Hoban Minute – 19 Global Health & Hygiene Solutions’ Dr. Uma | How to Stay Healthy During a Pandemic

Bob and Eric sit down with Founder and CEO of Global Health and Hygiene Solutions, Occupational and Environmental Medicine physician, Dr. Uma to discuss the critical importance of spreading education on the endocannabinoid system, the five things every person should know about their body, and how to take preventative health precautions to prepare for a future pandemic.

The Hoban Minute – 20 3C Consulting’s Nic Easley | Cannabusiness COVID-19 Triage

Bob and Eric sit down with Founder and CEO of 3C Consulting, Nic Easley to discuss the health of the cannabis industry before the recent market downturn, the difference between an industry being recession-proof and depression-proof, immediate actions business owners and companies need to be taking during this pandemic, and what 2020 may hold in store for hemp farmers.

The Hoban Minute – 21 Forbes’ Javier Hasse | What COVID-19 Has Revealed about the Cannabis Market

Bob and Eric sit down with author, Forbes contributor, CEO of El Planteo, and Managing Director of Benzinga Cannabis, Javier Hasse who shares his perspective on how Argentina has been impacted by the spread of COVID-19. They discuss the recent performance of marijuana stocks and consumer behavior, the ineligibility of marijuana businesses for financial assistance through the CARES Act, the World Health Organization’s vote for cannabis rescheduling, and what’s on the horizon for the international cannabis market.

The Hoban Minute – 22 Green Market Report’s Debra Borchardt | Cannabusiness Law Firms: Setting the Bar

Bob and Eric sit down with Editor-In-Chief of the Green Market Report, Debra Borchardt to discuss how cannabusinesses have shifted marketing strategies, COVID-19 influenced trends across the industry, the Green Market Report’s recent “Top 11 Cannabis Law Firms” list, and the importance of legal representation at a time like this.

The Hoban Minute – 23 Hemp Baron’s Joy Beckerman | The Next CBD: What’s on the Horizon for Minor Cannabinoids, Terpenes, and Flavonoids

Bob and Eric sit down with the Principal Consultant of Hemp Ace International and host of Hemp Barons, the renowned Joy Beckerman to discuss the market potential for minor cannabinoids like cannabigerol (CBG) and cannabinol (CBN), the legal and regulatory nuances between synthetic-derived and plant-derived cannabinoids, and the future of hemp trade associations.

The Hoban Minute – 24 Hoban Law Group’s Ashley Simpson | Breaking Update on FDA Letters to CBD Companies Making COVID Claims

Bob and Eric sit down with Texas-based Hoban Law Group attorney, Ashley Simpson to discuss the March 31st letter from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s to NeuroXPF with respect to claims made that CBD could boost immunity to COVID-19, what is allowed and what is not when it comes to claims and representations, and excitement in Texas over the first year of legal hemp production.

The Hoban Minute – 25 Breaking News: DEA Removes Epidiolex From Controlled Substances List

On April 6th, the DEA announced that Epidiolex, the first Cannabis-formulated drug to be approved by the FDA in 2018, was being removed from the Controlled Substances List. Bob and Eric discuss the significance of this development, and whether it will spur more cannabinoid-based drugs to be developed by pharmaceutical companies. They also address which cannabusinesses are eligible and which are ineligible for financial assistance through the federal stimulus package.

The Hoban Minute – 26 Hoban Law Group’s Patrick Goggin | The Latest Cannabis News From the Great State of California

Bob and Eric sit down with San Francisco-based Hoban Law Group Senior Attorney, Patrick Goggin to discuss the work of the California Hemp Council, OEHHA’s listing of THC as a chemical known to cause reproductive toxicity, and the status of hemp-derived CBD regulation in California through recent amendments to the Food and Agricultural Code.

The Hoban Minute – 27 Hoban Law Group’s Larry Mishkin | Three Months Into Adult-Use Legalization: An Update on Illinois

Bob and Eric sit down with Illinois-based Hoban Law Group Attorney and Co-Host of the Deadhead Cannabis Show, Larry Mishkin to discuss the success and obstacles of Illinois’ adult-use, commercial marijuana industry, legislation-driven legalization, and how to get your Grateful Dead to fill in the absence of live music shows.

The Hoban Minute – 28 Hoban Law Group’s Dionne Kellier | Setting up your Cannabusiness from a Tax Perspective

Bob and Eric sit down with Florida-based Hoban Law Group Attorney, Dionne Kellier to discuss the state of Florida’s commercial marijuana industry, the different cannabusiness company structures, and the heightened importance of tax compliance for cannabis industry operators.

The Hoban Minute – 29 Hoban Law Group’s Jose Abusaid | The Impact of Coronavirus on Colombia

Bob and Eric sit down with Colombia-based Hoban Law Group International Attorney, Jose Abusaid who shares his perspective on how Colombia has been impacted by COVID-19. They discuss recent developments in Colombia’s cannabis industry, the status of the import and export market, and the history and bright future of cannabis in Colombia.

The Hoban Minute – 30 Bob Hoban & Eric Singular | Reflections on the Week of April 6th

Bob and Eric discuss the everlasting legacy of worldwide hero, Charlotte Figi, whether the deeming of cannabusinesses as “essential” in the U.S. renders the distinction between medical and recreational/adult-use marijuana meaningless, why the cannabis industry is likely, not recession-proof, and they’d like to see from the United Nations cannabis rescheduling in 2020.

The Hoban Minute –  31 The Drone Farmer’s Derrick Perkins | The Cutting Edge of Drone Technology 

Bob and Eric sit down with Founder and of The Drone Farmer, Derrick Perkins to discuss how drones are advancing precision agriculture, the growing importance of hemp in American agriculture, and what questions farmers need to be asking right now to prepare for the upcoming growing season. 

The Hoban Minute –  32 Hoban Law Group’s Cathleen Rocco | Securing Patent and Trademark Rights: Whether or Not you Can Patent Cannabis Varieties?

Bob and Eric sit down with California-based Hoban Law Group Attorney, Cathleen Rocco to discuss the options cannabis operators have to protect their intellectual property, the risks CBD manufacturers take on who don’t patent their formulations, and whether or not high-THC cannabis varieties are able to be patented through Plant Variety Protection (PVP)

The Hoban Minute – 33 Hoban Law Group’s Darren Kaplan | The Impact of COVID-19 on HLG Clients 

Bob and Eric sit down with Hoban Law Group Associate Attorney, Darren Kaplan to discuss the cannabis industry’s access to the federal relief package, the myriad of issues that HLG clients have been confronted with in the wake of COVID-19, and how this represents a microcosm of the industry’s treatment in the United States at-large. 

The Hoban Minute – 34 Gateway Proven Strategies’ Ceci Zak | Legitimizing the Cannabis Industry

Bob and Eric sit down with the Chief Operating Officer of Gateway Proven Strategies, Ceci Zak to discuss the knowledge and insight she brings from the highly-regulated pharmaceutical sector to the cannabis industry, the value of strategic consulting, and recommendations for how both sides of the cannabis industry – hemp and marijuana – can legitimize themselves as this global commodity continues to take root. 

The Hoban Minute – 35 Hoban Law Group’s Donnie Emmi | Creating Your Own Corona Story 

Bob and Eric sit down with Hoban Law Group Partner, Donnie Emmi to discuss how cannabusiness can align with strategic partners, advice on how to rebuild business strategies, and the importance of taking advantage during the “COVID Pause” to enrich yourself and write your story. 

The Hoban Minute – 36 Hoban Law Group’s David Bush | Everything You Need to Know About Transporting Hemp

Bob and Eric sit down with Hoban Law Group Senior Attorney, David Bush to discuss guidance from the federal government on interstate hemp transportation in the Interim Final Rule, why it’s necessary for states to develop a transportation compact and the important work of the Industrial Hemp Research Foundation.

The Hoban Minute – 37 Cannbisalud’s Lorena Beltran | Breaking Update: Cannabis Legalization in Mexico

Bob and Eric sit down with the CEO of Cannabisalud, Lorena Beltran to discuss the recent extension granted by Mexico’s Supreme Court on forthcoming cannabis legislation, the importance of regenerative agriculture, and crop diversification for Mexico’s farmers, and why domestic production matters across Latin America.

The Hoban Minute – 38 Cannabis Law Report’s Sean Hocking | The Rapidly Evolving Landscape of Cannabis Law

Bob and Eric sit down with Founder of the Cannabis Law Report’s Sean Hocking to discuss how cannabis law has changed over the last decade, big law’s foray into cannabis practice, and the potential impact of COVID-19 on the industry at-large.

The Hoban Minute – 39 | Cannabis Economy’s Seth Adler | COVID, Cybersecurity, and Cannabis: How It All Intersects

Bob and Eric sit down with host of the Cannabis Economy Podcast, Seth Adler to discuss cannabis anthropology, the impact of our world going digital overnight in the wake of COVID-19, and the beauty of the Cannabis Economy Podcast.

The Hoban Minute – 40 | Bob Hoban & Eric Singular | Week in Review

Bob and Eric discuss Colorado’s stay-at-home order expiring on April 26th, recent protests in Denver over how the State has handled the pandemic, NoCo’s virtual Earth Week event, the future of medical and adult-use marijuana in the Southern United States, and the whole plant approach to industrial hemp.

The Hoban Minute – 41 | Cannabis Security Experts’ Derek Porter | Security & the Cannabis Industry

Bob and Eric sit down with founder and managing partner of Cannabis Security Experts, Derek Porter to discuss the importance and nuances of security in the cannabis industry, how security solutions differ around the country, and valuable work he does for veteran non-profit organizations including Sierra Delta and War Writers’ Campaign. 

The Hoban Minute –  42 | Bob Hoban & Eric Singular | U.S. Week in Review 

Bob and Eric discuss highlights from the week of April 27th, including a lawsuit filed in California against a Sheriff’s Office for the destruction of hemp plants that exceeded the 0.3 percent THC threshold, a lawsuit between an Oregon CBD company and Massachusetts extraction company over a shipment of hot hemp extract, and that it’s time get hemp seeds in the ground for 2020 production year.  

The Hoban Minute –  43 | Bob Hoban & Eric Singular | Global Week in Review 

Bob and Eric run through global cannabis headlines from the week of April 27th including Poland’s Minister of Agriculture calling for an increase of THC allowance for industrial hemp to 1%, the path for over-the-counter CBD products in Australia, and the big news from Lebanon, emerging as the first country in the Middle East to legalize low-THC cannabis.

The Hoban Minute –  44 | CMTREX’s Saul Singer | Cannabis & Sustainability

Bob and Eric sit down with founder and CEO of CMTREX (Cannabis Mercantile Trading Exchange), Saul Singer to discuss how sustainable development is the key to the future of the industry, the progress being made toward globally-accepted cannabis impact metrics, and how hemp can help meet the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

The Hoban Minute –  45 | Clover Leaf University’s Chloe Villano | The Pulse of the Global Cannabis Industry

Bob and Eric sit down with president and founder of Clover Leaf University, Chole Villano to discuss how higher education has been impacted by COVID-19, the market for cannabis in China beyond industrial hemp, and what cannabusiness owners need to be thinking about to get through these tough COVID times. 

The Hoban Minute – 46 Extract Labs’ Craig Hendersen | What’s on the Horizon for Cannabinoid Extraction?

Bob and Eric sit down with the CEO of Extract Labs, Craig Hendersen to discuss his incredible personal story, which minor cannabinoids are on the rise, and his vision for Extract Labs which has led to fruitful success even in the midst of COVID-19.

The Hoban Minute – 47 Gateway Proven Strategies’ Ceci Zak | The Keys to Legitimizing the Cannabis Industry

Bob and Eric sit down with the Chief Operating Officer of Gateway Proven Strategies, Ceci Zak to discuss the key success factors for cannabusinesses, what it will take for institutional players to enter the cannabis industry, and the potential of hemp to meet Fortune 500 company’s sustainability goals.

The Hoban Minute – 48 University of Connecticut’s Matthew DeBacco | The Role of Higher Education Cannabis

Bob and Eric sit down with the University of Connecticut Professor, Matthew Debacco to discuss his first-in-the-country cannabis cultivation program at UConn, the agronomic challenges of growing cannabinoid-rich hemp, and the knowledge he’s spreading through his YouTube channel, DeBacco University.

The Hoban Minute – 49 Viridian Capital Advisors’ Scott Greiper| Post-COVID Cannabis Investment

Bob and Eric sit down with the president and founder and Viridian Capital Advisors, Scott Greiper to discuss the lucrative opportunities for investors, how the cannabis investment landscape has evolved over the last six years, and how Viridian tracks all 12 sectors of the industry.

The Hoban Minute – 50 Dope CFO’s Naomi Granger | Why You Need a Specialized Cannabusiness Accountant

Bob and Eric sit down with co-founder and owner of Dope CFO, Naomi Granger to discuss the importance of proper accounting for cannabis business, the recently released Treasury Inspector General tax guidance for the marijuana industry, and new developments on the SAFE Banking Act.

The Hoban Minute – 51 Mackrell Solicitors’ Ricardo Geada | Client COVID Concerns

Bob and Eric sit down with Senior Associate at Mackrell Solicitors, Ricardo Geada to discuss the impact of COVID-19 on the UK’s CBD industry, a recently commissioned study by Mackrell Solicitors on the perception of cannabis in England, and cannabis investment across the ponds.

The Hoban Minute – 52 Lady Jane Branding’s Jennifer Whetzel | Cannabis Consumer Archetypes and the Role of Women in the Cannabis Space

Bob and Eric sit down with the founder of Lady Jane Branding, Jennifer Whetzel to discuss the 16 cannabis archetypes she’s identified through market research, how to remove barriers for women and minorities in the cannabis industry, and the insights from her recent Women in Cannabis study.

The Hoban Minute – 53 Canalis Capital’s Raymond Harari | Tropicalizing Cannabis: Why It Isn’t Necessary to Reinvent the Wheel

Bob and Eric sit down with the founder of Canalis Capital, Raymond Harari to discuss the tropicalization of ideas in Panama, how the country has responded to COVID-19, overcoming the cannabis stigma in Latin America, and the difference between red ocean versus blue ocean markets.

The Hoban Minute – 54 | Bob Hoban & Eric Singular | Industry Discussion

Bob and Eric discuss the European Industrial Hemp Association’s (EIHA) challenge of the EU’s food safety approval process for hemp foods and extracts, licensing restrictions in the marijuana industry, and lawsuits in the hemp industry with respect to genetics.

The Hoban Minute – 55 | Cultivara’s Jonathan Danforth | SPACs

Ceci and Eric sit down with the CEO of Cultivara Acquisition Group, Jonathan Danforth to discuss the role of Special-purpose acquisition companies (SPACs) in the cannabis space, the obstacles industrial hemp is facing on the road to legitimization, and the growing interest from Fortune 500s toward the sustainable byproducts of the plant, from genomics to bio-plastics and textiles.

The Hoban Minute – 56 | Attorney Lilly Lentz | Are We On the Verge of Federal Cannabis Legalization?

Bob and Eric sit down with Feldmann Nagel and Cantafio attorney, Lilly Lentz to discuss whether a candidate in the 2020 election may steal a move from FDR’s playbook by pushing federal legalization of cannabis similar to the repealing of alcohol prohibition during the great depression, and the constitutionality of recent stay at home orders across the U.S.

The Hoban Minute – 57 | Ross Rebagliati and Tony Germinario | The Old School Versus the New School Cannabis Industry

Bob and Eric sit down with filmmaker and Olympic gold medalist Ross Rebagliati and Tony Germinario to discuss “Chairlift,” an upcoming comedy film they’re producing imbued with marijuana-culture, how cannabis culture has evolved since the days of medical-only marijuana here in Colorado, and Ross’ experience winning Gold in 1998 and finding himself on the world stage embroiled in a global dialogue about cannabis.

The Hoban Minute – 58 | Ceci Zak and Eric Singular | Cannabis COVID Research

Ceci and Eric discuss a recent New York Post article on COVID-related cannabis research, the work that’s being done on this front in Israel and Canada, and why this signifies a step toward cannabis industry legitimization.

The Hoban Minute – 59 | Panxchange Julie Lerner | What Is A Commodity?

Bob and Eric sit down with CEO of Panxchange, Julie Lerner to discuss the basics of how to define a commodity, the 7 stages of maturation, the import role a commodity exchange will play in the growth of the hemp industry, and what to be excited about as the industrial hemp industry continues to mature and become commoditized.

The Hoban Minute – 60 | CBD Global’s Scott Holden | The Future of Compliance

Bob and Eric sit down with Founder and CEO of CBD Global, Scott Holden to discuss how CoAs are only a small piece of the compliance puzzle, the move toward the chain of custody, and the potential and pitfalls of blockchain and cannabis.

The Hoban Minute – 61 | Exchange Listing’s Peter Goldstein | Legitimizing Cannabis

Ceci and Eric sit down with President and CEO of Exchange Listing, Peter Goldstein to discuss what steps the cannabis industry needs to take to legitimize itself, why an uptick in consolidation is likely in a post-COVID world, and an innovative venture coming out of Europe that looks to be highly disruptive.

The Hoban Minute – 62 | Outcrowd Group’s RJ Falcioni | The Road to Globalability

Bob and Eric sit down with Founder and CEO of Outcrowd Group, RJ Falcioni to discuss the state of cannabis in Spain, how the nuances of cultures around the world intersect with cannabis perspectives and legalization, and what’s on the horizon for Spannabis.

The Hoban Minute – 63 | Checking in with 101 CBD’s Justin Benton | Shout Out from Philadelphia Eagles Seth Joyner

Bob and Eric check in with The Hoban Minute OG, Justin Benton to discuss NoCo’s virtual Summer Solstice event, how industrial hemp is the green buffalo, a four-week Grateful Dead playlist and a special guest shout out.

The Hoban Minute – 64 | Arrows International & Hoban Law Group’s Vojtěch Sucharda | An Update from the Czech Republic

Bob and Eric sit down with Chairman of Arrows International and Of Counsel to the Hoban Law Group, Vojtěch Sucharda to discuss how the Czech Republic responded to the COVID-19 pandemic, what’s on the legal and regulatory horizon for cannabis in the Czech Republic, and how the country will fit into the European cannabis supply chain.

The Hoban Minute – 65 | Fordis Consulting’s Lara Fordis | Analyzing the Cannabis Consumer Market

Bob and Eric sit down with Founder of Fordis Consulting, Lara Fordis to discuss how budtenders are the gatekeepers between customers and cannabis brands, the enormous need for quality market cannabis research, and what will ultimately compel major manufacturers and retailers to enter the space.

The Hoban Minute – 66 | Canopy Boulder’s Patrick Rea | The State of Cannabis Investment

Bob and Eric sit down with Co-Founder and CEO of Canopy Boulder, Patrick Rea to discuss what’s happening in the world of cannabis investment, critical advice for entrepreneurs and investors entering the space, and why Fortune 500 companies are largely still on the sidelines.

The Hoban Minute – 67 | Monaco Natural Health’s Dr. Carlie Bell-Biggins | The Endocannabinoid System

Bob and Eric sit down with holistic practitioner, educator, and CEO of Monaco Natural Health, Dr. Carlie Bell-Biggins to discuss the medicinal value of cannabinoids, how cannabinoids and the endocannabinoid system interact with PTSD, and how barriers to research are being broken down every day.

The Hoban Minute – 68 | The Blinc Group’s Arnaud Dumas deRauly | The Status of the Global Vape Industry

Bob and Eric sit down with CEO & Co-Founder of the Blinc Group, Arnaud Dumas deRauly to discuss the standards for the nicotine and cannabis vaping industries, how the industry has responded to two crises in the last 12 months, and the resilience of the vape hardware supply chain.

The Hoban Minute – 69 | HLG Fireside Chat with Garrett Graff, Donnie Emmi, and Bob Hoban

Eric hosts a roundtable discussion between Hoban Law Group members Bob Hoban, Garrett Graff, and Donnie Emmi to discuss the reopening of the HLG office in downtown Denver, what they’ve been up to during the COVID pause, and what’s on the horizon for cannabis law.

The Hoban Minute – 70 | KeySplash Creative’s Susan Gunelius | Language and Legitimizing Cannabis

Ceci and Eric sit down with President & CEO KeySplash Creative, Inc., Susan Gunelius to discuss her article for Cannabiz Media on how the cannabis industry can work to legitimize itself, the importance of language with respect to branding and marketing, and how we all have a personal role to play to strengthen the future of industrial hemp.

The Hoban Minute – 71 | Bob Hoban & Eric Singular | Six Years of Legal Cannabis in Colorado

Bob and Eric discuss Dead & Company’s postponed summer tour, insights from six years of cannabis legalization in Colorado, and what’s on the horizon for the booming cannabis public market.

The Hoban Minute – 72 | WeedWeek’s Alex Halperin | Social Equity in the Cannabis Industry

Bob and Eric sit down with Founder, Editor and Publisher of WeedWeek, Alex Halperin to discuss the journalistic topics he covered prior to covering the cannabis industry, whether or not governments are equipped to foster social equity, and the Senate race in Colorado this November.

The Hoban Minute – 73 | Schain Second | The Landscape of Psychedelic Legalization

Hoban Law Group Senior Attorney, Steve Schain, sits down with HLG’s Noah Potter to discuss changing the psychedelic political narrative, the hallucinogen community, and his efforts to reform psychedelic law across the country.

The Hoban Minute – 74 | Bob Hoban & Eric Singular | Celebrating Colorado Hemp Week

Bob and Eric discuss Governor Jared Polis’ declaration of Colorado Hemp Week, industrial hemp’s progress over the last seven years, and observations from a road trip during the time of COVID-19.

The Hoban Minute – 75 | Marketing Expert Ashley Grace | Using Marketing to Legitimize Cannabis

Ceci and Eric sit down with leading cannabis marketing expert and Gateway Proven Strategies’ most recent addition, Ashley Grace to discuss how hemp and CBD companies can differentiate in a crowded marketplace, the value of creativity and content in hemp marketing, and the many avenues for taking hemp-derived products to market.

The Hoban Minute – 76 | Bob Hoban & Eric Singular | A Controversy in Colorado

Bob and Eric discuss the whistleblower who blew the lid on Attorney General William Barr’s investigation into the cannabis industry, how hemp is the green buffalo, and a recent stir in Colorado surrounding the development of a Center of Excellence.

The Hoban Minute – 77 | Author Mary Biles | The Value of Education

Bob and Eric sit down with host of the Cannabis Voices Podcast, Medical Cannabis Writer, and Author, Mary Biles to discuss her forthcoming book “The CBD Book – The Essential Guide to CBD oil,” why full-spectrum CBD oil won’t be available in the UK after April of 2021, and a few heartwarming cannabis stories highlighted on her podcast.

The Hoban Minute – 78 | Paul Stanford | The History of Cannabis Activism

Bob and Eric sit down with the founder of the Hemp and Cannabis Foundation, Paul Stanford to discuss his decades of advocacy work that helped light the fire for cannabis legalization, his close friendship with hemp pioneer, Jack Herer, and the challenges of a new industry colliding with predatory capitalism.

The Hoban Minute – 79 | Bob Hoban & Eric Singular | The Fight for Equality

Bob and Eric discuss the wave of protests around the world in the wake of Geroge Floyd’s death at the hands of U.S. law enforcement, the impassioned Black Lives Matter movement for racial equality, and why this moment in history resembles the social and cultural climate of the 1960s and the passage of the Civil Rights Act.

The Hoban Minute – 80 | CLAB’s Todd Rosales | What’s Going On In Florida?

Bob and Eric sit down with board member of Cannabis LAB and host of the Elevate Your Grind Podcast, Todd Rosales to discuss why are there only 14 licensed marijuana operators in Florida, the status of the Florigrown court case that questions the mandate on vertical integration, and the forefront of cannabis law and business in the Sunshine State.

The Hoban Minute – 81 | Master Grower Ryan Douglas | Getting There First: How to Come to Market Fast and Spend Less Money Getting There

Bob and Eric sit down with former Canopy Growth Corporation Master Grower and founder of Ryan Douglas Cultivation, Ryan Douglas to discuss the past four years he spent developing cannabis cultivation in Colombia, how companies can avoid start-up mistakes and the cutting edge of marijuana genetics.

The Hoban Minute – 82 | ICCI’s Steph Sherer | The Need for Standards in Legitimizing Cannabis

Ceci and Eric sit down with President of the International Cannabis and Cannabinoids Institute (ICCI) and founder of Americans for Safe Access, Steph Sherer to discuss her work in making medical cannabis available to patients worldwide, how she has contributed to the creation of cannabis industry standards, and the challenges facing the legitimization and large enterprise involvement in the cannabinoid sector.

The Hoban Minute – 83 | Havas Health and You’s Rob Dhoble | How Cannabis Will Fit Into Big Pharma

Ceci Zak sits down with the Managing Director of Havas Health and You, Rob Dhoble to discuss his foray into cannabis, the role for pharmaceutical companies to play in the development of cannabis-based medicines, and what brands can do to legitimize themselves in the cannabinoid space.

The Hoban Minute – 84 | European Industrial Hemp Association’s Catherine Wilson | History of the Novel Food Catalogue

Bob and Eric sit down with Vice President of the European Industrial Hemp Association, Catherine Wilson to discuss how the regulatory treatment of industrial hemp in the European has changed in the last three decades, what a novel food designation means for the future of CBD in the EU, and a look at the ancient history usage of hemp.

The Hoban Minute – 85 | Bob Hoban & Eric Singular | The Call for An International Hemp Association

Bob and Eric discuss the different treatment of hemp-derived CBD in the United States compared to the European Union, the formation of an international hemp association, and the importance of aligning multiple perspectives into a unified global voice for the future of the hemp industry.

The Hoban Minute – 86 | Grasslands Agency’s Ricardo Baca | Journalism’s Role in The Legalization of Cannabis

Bob and Eric sit down with Founder and CEO of Grasslands Agency, Ricardo Baca to discuss how he paved the way for cannabis normalization as a reporter at The Denver Post, the internet’s effect on modern journalism, and an important historical marketing lesson from the Great Depression.

The Hoban Minute – 87 | Bob Hoban & Eric Singular | FDA Updates to Congress

Bob and Eric discuss The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) report submitted to  Congress on the state of the CBD marketplace. The document outlines the studies performed on the contents and quality of cannabis-derived products that have been tested over the past six years.

The Hoban Minute – 88 | HLG Fireside Chat | Part 2 with Garrett Graff, Donnie Emmi, and Bob Hoban

Eric hosts part two of a roundtable discussion between Hoban Law Group members Bob Hoban, Garrett Graff, and Donnie Emmi to discuss cannabusinesses and cannabis law trends that have emerged in the wake of COVID-19, the regulatory hurdles facing the growth of the industry, and litigation resulting from pollen drift between hemp and marijuana farmers.

The Hoban Minute – 89 | ANICANN’s Memo Nieto | Positioning Mexico’s Cannabis Industry for Success

Eric hosts a roundtable discussion between Hoban Law Group members Bob Hoban and Luis Armanderiz with the President of Mexico’s National Cannabis Industry Association (ANICANN), Memo Nieto to discuss the potential for Mexico’s domestic cannabis marketplace with a population of 126 million, Mexico’s advantage due to the three W’s, and how ANICANN is placing Mexico at the forefront of the global cannabis industry.

The Hoban Minute – 90 | Bob Hoban & Eric Singular | Get to Know the Host

Bob turns the tables to discuss Eric’s path into the cannabis industry, his insights from navigating the industry for the last two years, and what he’s most excited for on the cannabis horizon.

Recent Podcast Episodes

The Hoban Minute – 91 | MCBA’s Jason Ortiz | The Road to Cannabis Industry Equality

Bob and Eric sit down with the President of the Minority Cannabis Business Association, Jason Ortiz to discuss his first experience with the criminal justice system, how the association is promoting economic empowerment for communities of color and equal access in the cannabis industry, and how to effectively defund or divert funding police forces to social workers.

The Hoban Minute – 92 | anna’s Matt Frost | The Value of Entrepreneurship

Bob and Eric sit down with founder and CEO of anna, Matt Frost to discuss how automation is bringing the cannabis retail experience into the 21st century, his experience in the accelerator program of CanopyBoulder, and the rewards and life lessons that have come from taking the path less traveled of entrepreneurship.

The Hoban Minute – 93 | Bob Hoban & Eric Singular | What Will Psychedelics Legalization Look Like?

Bob and Eric discuss whether the path for psilocybin decriminalization and legalization will resemble cannabis’, Ecuador’s legalization of industrial hemp with a threshold of 1% THC, and New Jersey folklore.

The Hoban Minute – 94 | Wounded Warrior Project’s Sal Gonzalez | A Veteran’s Perspective on Cannabis

Bob and Eric sit down with Wounded Warrior Project spokesperson and musician, Sal Gonzalez to discuss his advocacy for veteran access to cannabis, his love of playing the guitar and singing, and his experience on America’s Got Talent.

The Hoban Minute – 95 | FoliuMed’s Oliver Zugel | How European Market Realities Differ from North America and Why it Matters

Bob and Eric sit down with the Founder and CEO of FoliuMed Holdings, Oliver Zugel to discuss the recent news that the European Commission is considering labeling CBD as a narcotic rather than a novel food, the global demand for THC flower, and the market for smokable hemp in Europe.

The Hoban Minute – 96 | Cliintel Capital Management Group’s Rick Batenburg III | Where the Puck is Going?

Bob and Eric sit down with Founding Partner and Chief Investment Officer of Cliintel Capital Management Group, Rick Batenburg III to discuss the overall condition of the cannabis market, forecasting where the industry is going, and his passion for hockey.

The Hoban Minute – 97 | GPIC’s Erick Ponce | The Voice of the Mexican Cannabis Industry

Bob and Eric sit down with President of Grupo Promotor de la Industria del Cannabis (GPIC), Erick Ponce to discuss important forthcoming dates for Mexico’s cannabis industry, the valuable work he is going to collate a representative voice for the evolving cannabis industry in Mexico, and the importance of standards for international trade.

The Hoban Minute – 98 | Aurelius Data’s Julie Armstrong | Math is Math/Science is Science

Bob and Eric sit down with CEO of Aurelius Data, Julie Armstrong to discuss the spike in Montana COVID cases in the last month, what reputable research indicates about THC consumption and COVID-19, the importance of genetics, industrial hemp’s potential as a pulse crop, and the value of pragmatism in this burgeoning industry.

The Hoban Minute – 99 | Shake Brands’ Antigone Davoulas & Julie Brents | Celebrating the Badass Women of Cannabis

Bob, Eric, and Halston sit down with the COO and Chief Legal Officer, Antigone Davoulas and Julie Brents to discuss the importance of supporting women through the cannabis supply chain, being awarded the first processing license in Arkansas, and how they’re helping women trying to get into the industry with their network of resources.

The Hoban Minute – 100 | Bob Hoban & Eric Singular | Reflecting on the Journey

In celebration of the 100th episode, Bob and Eric sit back and reflect on where The Hoban Minute started and where it’s gone, from the impact of COVID-19 on cannabusiness to exploring the growing roots of the global cannabis supply chain. They highlight the guests, the topics, and the perspectives covered over the last five months.

The Hoban Minute – 101 | Casually Baked’s Johanna Nuding | Living Your Cannabis Dreams

The Hoban Minute Producer, Halston Puchek, and Eric sit down with founder and host of the Casually Baked Podcast, Johanna Nuding to discuss inspiring cannabis stories, the value of self-worth, and how the art of doing nothing can help you accomplish your dreams in the hemp and marijuana industries.

The Hoban Minute – 102 | Satori Minds’ Kristin Adams | Cannabis & Cosmetics

Bob and Eric sit down with the founder of Satori Minds, Kristin Adams to discuss the interest of major consumer packaged goods companies in cannabinoids, the difference between CBD oil, hemp seed oil, and hemp oil, and how, with scalability, no part of the hemp plant needs to go to waste.

The Hoban Minute – 103 | Cultivating Spirits’ Phillip Wolf | Talking About Terpenes

Bob and Eric sit down with the founder of Cultivating Spirits and the Cannabis Wedding Expo, Phillip Wolf to discuss everything you’ve ever wanted to know about terpenes, his fruitful professional and spiritual journey with cannabis, and how your lifestyle may influence your preference for different strains of marijuana.

The Hoban Minute – 104 | Dr. Cannabis’ Viviane Sedola | Harmonizing Regulations for Cannabis Products in Brazil

Bob and Eric sit down with Founder and CEO of Dr. Cannabis, Viviane Sedola to discuss the success of the Digital Medical Cannabis Congress, how they are connecting doctors with cannabis patients in Brazil, and why information is the best medicine.

The Hoban Minute – 105 | Arcview Ventures’ Jeffrey Finkle | How Cannabis Industry Investment Has Fared in the Days of COVID

Bob and Eric sit down with CEO of Arcview Ventures, Jeffrey Finkle to discuss how the cannabis industry has fared through Q1 and Q2 of 2020, why investing in cannabis is more challenging and nuanced than other industries, and the overall strategy of the Arcview platform.

The Hoban Minute – 106 | Spherex’s Dan Gardenswartz | Weathering The COVID Storm: The Essentials for Cannabusiness Success

Bob and Eric sit down with COO of Spherex, Dan Gardenswartz to discuss his path from finance and investment banking into the cannabis industry, the importance of cannabusiness adaptability, and how Spherex has thrived during COVID by placing tremendous value on human capital.

The Hoban Minute – 107 | Wick and Mortar’s Jared Mirsky | Standing Out in a Crowd: Differentiation In Cannabis Branding

Bob and Eric sit down with the CEO of Wick and Mortar, Jared Mirsky to discuss how marketing in the cannabis landscape has changed over the last decade, the natural branding evolution as industries mature, and how cannabis CPG brands will ultimately develop a global packaging language.

The Hoban Minute – 108 | iComply’s Mark Slaugh | Intrepid Pathways Across the Global Cannabis Industry

Eric hosts a lively discussion between two cannabis industry globetrotters, CEO of iComply, Mark Slaugh, and President and Founder of the Hoban Law Group, Bob Hoban. They reflect on their travels around the world, the nuances of how cultures perceive cannabis differently, why it feels like coming from the future when speaking with regulators, policymakers, and industry operators abroad, and their immense passion for a plant, with nearly limitless potential, that has sprung from night into the sun.

The Hoban Minute – 109 | Bob Hoban & Eric Singular | The DEA’s Interim Final Rule on Cannabinoids

Bob and Eric discuss the controversial interim final rule published by the DEA in late August of 2020 and what implications it might have for the cannabinoid industry. They also touch on the importance of public comment and civic engagement during the birth of a new industry.

The Hoban Minute – 110 | Cannabition’s JJ Walker | Experiencing Cannabis Through Art

Bob and Eric sit down with the CEO of Cannabition to discuss the early days of dispensary licensing in Colorado, the inspiration behind the world’s first immersive cannabis art installation, and future plans for Cannabition in our brave new virtual world.

Recent Podcasts

The Hoban Minute – 111 | Bob Hoban & Eric Singular | Intellectual Property Considerations in the Latin American Cannabis Industry

Bob and Eric reflect on an educational forum they participated in on the opportunities for industrial hemp in Ecuador, how hemp is the backbone of the global cannabis industry, and the intellectual property considerations for the emerging cannabis market in Latin America.


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