Xavier Valverde


Xavier Valverde Carcache is a professional with an unblemished career, whose vocation as a legal researcher has allowed him to take on various challenges effectively contributing to large national and foreign companies. Xavier's advocacy of the protection of constitutional rights of neglected social groups, such as the generator of social and economic wealth industry, adds to the list of its successes.   One of his greatest achievements is the recognition of the rights of the ancestral communes on its territory by the Ecuadorian Constitutional Court.

He had a successful foray into the public service in which he served as Advisor to the Minister of the Environment and later as Sub Secretary of Marine Coastal Management, externalizing in this function his environmentalist vocation at the service of the highest interests of sustainable development. His commitment to the environment has led him to represent emblematic causes for the city, such as the “Tres Bocas” site, part of the “Reserva de Producción Faunística Manglares del Salado”. In short, Xavier Valverde Carcache is a fervent advocate of the need to establish clear public policies in the field of law, and even more precisely when it comes to promoting agricultural and aquaculture production, application of environmental technologies and effective compliance with the environmental and social function of each system.