Jaap Kras


Jaap Kras is a retired Dutch attorney and one of the world's foremost horticultural experts. He has presented lectures, seminars and exhibitions in many countries, including: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, PR China, Colombia, Denmark, Ecuador, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Holland, Italy, Israel, Kenya, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Taiwan, USA, Vanuatu.

He joins HLG Global as an international consultant and retired attorney for the emerging cannabis industry, both industrial hemp and regulated marijuana sales, across the European Union.

1962 – 1975: High school and horticulture education

1969 – 1971: Military service

1975 - 1980:  Laws, University of Amsterdam

1976: Propadeuse

1977: Bachelors (“kandidaatsdiploma)

1980: Masters (doctoral diploma)

1985 – 1988: Master of Business Administration (MBA), University of Nijenrode (substantial part at Kellog Business School, Evanston USA)

Several post-university studies and courses

1962 – 1975:   Part and full-time working on vegetable and flower nurseries in Roelofarendsveen and Aalsmeer

1975 – 1980:   Teacher SVH

 1980 – 1985:   Lawyer, law department Association of Flower Auctions in the Netherlands

1985 – 1991:    CEO Association of Flower Auctions Netherlands

1991 – Present:  Owner/founder of the Consultancy Group Hortimarc BV          

1994 – 2001:    Chairman of the working group for 100+ flower wholesalers in Holland

2001 – 2003:    Chairman of the Board Springflower Holding BV

2003 -  2012:    Member of the Board of Diotima

1995 -  2012:    Chairman of the Board Jac. Van Dillewijn BV Aalsmeer wholesale supplier flower industry

1993 -  Present:  Member of the Board H.P. van Nieuwkerk BV;  flower wholesaler Rijnsburg,

2001 -  2010:    Member of the Board of SBW, tissue culture laboratory Roelofarendsveen, Macedonia, Brazil, Ghana

1997 - 2016:    Advisor of Registered Accountancy Association, Driebergen & Driebergen Rijnsburg

1998 -  2014:   Member of the Board of Hazera Holdings, International BV, the Netherlands, Dutch holding of Israeli breeder of vegetables, flowers and cotton.

2007 -  2015:    Publisher FloraCulture International trade magazine

2014 -  2018:    Member Advisory board Pension fund BPL