2019 National Law Journal : Trailblazers Finance, Banking & Capital Markets

Steve Schain was recently named one of National Law Journals 2019 Trailblazers! Congratulations Steve! Steve Schain began representing Wells Fargo about 20 years ago. "I ended up representing more lenders and mortgage services in all kinds of litigation. Then, I helped them through Dodd-Frank and other regulations." See more at law.com

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New Jersey Cannabis Convention Coming to Atlantic City September 14-15

Atlantic City, New Jersey – September 5, 2019 – The first annual New Jersey Cannabis Convention is coming to the Atlantic City Convention Center for two days of business and medical education September 14-15, 2019. NJCANN will be the largest gathering of New Jersey’s medical marijuana industry professionals, and ultimately those looking forward to the

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FBI scrutiny of corruption in US cannabis industry welcomed by some, scorned by others

The FBI’s announcement that it is probing public corruption in the legal marijuana industry has stirred up strong reactions among cannabis insiders. While some complain the FBI’s scrutiny is another example of how the legal MJ industry is being unfairly targeted as if it’s a bottomless gold mine, others welcome the feds’ attention to illicit influence on

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Declined: Why Your Credit Card Company Won’t Let You Buy CBD

In 2018, CBD products raked in $2 billion and the market is estimated to grow to $16 billion in retail sales by 2025, according to a report by Cowen & Co. So why wouldn’t merchant service providers want to take a hit of such a growing and lucrative market? According to Hoban Law Group financial

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Cannabis Investors Are Zoning Out About Supply

It is wise to know where your cannabis comes from. Intoxicated by bullish demand forecasts, pot investors aren’t paying nearly enough attention to supply. U.S. states currently decide whether to legalize cannabis within their own borders, even though the drug remains illegal at the federal level. It is a misnomer to speak of a single U.S.

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Why is it so difficult for CBD brands to accept credit cards? Read on to learn about the issues surrounding banking and payment processing for the CBD industry. When shopping online, most of us just want to stick our credit card information into the boxes, press “purchase,” and let the magic happen. We don’t generally

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