County Snuffs Out Farmers’ Plans For Roadside Hemp Sales

Local farmers recently raised what seemed like a simple question: Anyone growing hemp legally in Kern County ought to be able to sell it on the side of the road just like growers of other crops, right? The idea was never to get customers high — unlike its twin, marijuana, hemp has very little THC

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Lawsuit: That really could be weed growing near Arvin

Remember the headline on the cover of The Californian's June 2 edition? Placed beside a picture of what was thought to be harmless industrial hemp, it read, "Relax. This is not actually weed growing near Arvin." Well, some of it might really be weed after all. A recent lawsuit claims private testing found samples from

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Update on Industrial Hemp Legislation in California

On May 22, AB 228 (Aguiar-Curry) passed the California Assembly unanimously and is now on its way to the Senate where it will first be heard next month in the Senate Health Committee. If passed, the legislation would help resolve issues in the state involving hemp-derived products, including products containing cannabidiol (CBD), and pave the way for

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