The Owner of Oakland’s Cult-Favorite Burmese Spot Has a New Restaurant in the Tenderloin

Former Grocery Cafe owner William Lue is slinging exceedingly affordable Burmese dishes — with or without hemp leaves — at his new restaurant, Herbal Before it closed permanently in late February, just ahead of the coronavirus shutdown, Grocery Cafe was one of the East Bay’s top Burmese restaurants — a homegrown success story that garnered national press

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The Hoban Minute – 26 Hoban Law Group’s Patrick Goggin | The Latest Cannabis News From the Great State of California

The Hoban Minute - 26 Hoban Law Group’s Patrick Goggin | The Latest Cannabis News From the Great State of California April 20, 2020 Bob and Eric sit down with San Francisco-based Hoban Law Group Senior Attorney, Patrick Goggin to discuss the work of the California Hemp Council, OEHHA’s listing of THC as a chemical

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California Suspends Additional Cannabis Licenses

Some California licensees are starting off 2020 in a regulatory predicament. In early January, California’s Bureau of Cannabis Control (“BCC”) welcomed the new year with a bang by suspending another 252 cannabis licenses. This most recent round of suspensions comes on the heels of the BCC’s, and other regulating agencies, first round of suspensions. In

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Hemp in California: State to revisit legislation allowing CBD in food, beverages

Hemp entrepreneurs in California are optimistic that long-awaited state legislation to legalize hemp-derived CBD as an ingredient in food, beverages and cosmetics will be revived from suspension and ready for Gov. Gavin Newsom to approve by spring. A coalition of hemp farmers, advocates and local governments worked through the off-session to submit amendments aimed at improving the

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County Snuffs Out Farmers’ Plans For Roadside Hemp Sales

Local farmers recently raised what seemed like a simple question: Anyone growing hemp legally in Kern County ought to be able to sell it on the side of the road just like growers of other crops, right? The idea was never to get customers high — unlike its twin, marijuana, hemp has very little THC

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Lawsuit: That really could be weed growing near Arvin

Remember the headline on the cover of The Californian's June 2 edition? Placed beside a picture of what was thought to be harmless industrial hemp, it read, "Relax. This is not actually weed growing near Arvin." Well, some of it might really be weed after all. A recent lawsuit claims private testing found samples from

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Update on Industrial Hemp Legislation in California

On May 22, AB 228 (Aguiar-Curry) passed the California Assembly unanimously and is now on its way to the Senate where it will first be heard next month in the Senate Health Committee. If passed, the legislation would help resolve issues in the state involving hemp-derived products, including products containing cannabidiol (CBD), and pave the way for

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