NYC NORML Award Winners Announced at Westside Bash

NYC NORML, New York's newest NORML chapter, made a big splash with a stoner soiree and awards presentation at Hudson Terrace on October 22. NORML founder Keith Stroup spoke to the revelers, reminding them New York was home to the first marijuana advocacy group. LeMar (for Legalize Marijuana), even before NORML. Eventually NORML merged with

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Experts weigh in on prospects for regional cannabis coordination among US Northeast governors

Democratic governors from five states in the Northeast last week agreed on core principles for a legal recreational marijuana industry across the region. The idea is that there would be uniform standards for market regulation, including: Licensing. Taxation. Minority participation. Small-business participation. THC potency. ___ Noah Potter, cannabis attorney, Hoban Law Group in New York: “I think

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Northeast governors take big step toward regional cannabis coordination

Democratic governors from New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Connecticut took a landmark step Thursday toward coordinating recreational marijuana legalization efforts, agreeing on basic principles involving market regulation, taxation and social equity. They also focused on the vaping crisis, agreeing that states should either ban flavored vaporizer products or regulate them to reduce their attractiveness to youth

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