The next big U.S. export could be cannabis

DENVER — In a large warehouse, LivWell Enlightened Health feeds its cloned cannabis plants a custom blend of nutrients, sprays them with filtered water and pumps extra carbon dioxide into the air. LivWell releases three types of insects to clear the plants of unwanted pests without the use of toxic pesticides. Every part of the

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Pot legalization advocates hope for ‘capitalism with a conscience in the cannabis space’

Amid signs of a renewed push this year to legalize recreational pot in New York state, activists in the city have formed a new organization to lay the groundwork for an orderly, inclusive marketplace—and avoid some of the problems that have beset legalization in other regions. The group's organizers say that even with legalization far

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NYC NORML Award Winners Announced at Westside Bash

NYC NORML, New York's newest NORML chapter, made a big splash with a stoner soiree and awards presentation at Hudson Terrace on October 22. NORML founder Keith Stroup spoke to the revelers, reminding them New York was home to the first marijuana advocacy group. LeMar (for Legalize Marijuana), even before NORML. Eventually NORML merged with

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Northeast governors take big step toward regional cannabis coordination

Democratic governors from New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Connecticut took a landmark step Thursday toward coordinating recreational marijuana legalization efforts, agreeing on basic principles involving market regulation, taxation and social equity. They also focused on the vaping crisis, agreeing that states should either ban flavored vaporizer products or regulate them to reduce their attractiveness to youth

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Hemp vs Corn, Cannabis Updates for California, Michigan and New York, Hemp’s Future in North Carolina and Colorado

Hemp vs Corn: Crop Value Chart Comparison With the slow and steady progress from hemp prohibition to national legalization, farmers, entrepreneurs and investors are planning and planting more hemp acres. Read more 2019 U.S. Cannabis Outlook Continued dramatic growth is expected for the legal cannabis industry in 2019. As of January 1, now 33 states plus the

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Get ready for Hurricane Mary Jane: legal cannabis in New York

It is almost beyond doubt that the state will pass a law by summer fully legalizing the cannabis market. A working group appointed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo will release draft legislation soon—possibly this month. But no one is prepared for the wave that’s about to hit. Start with this: New York City has the largest

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New York State Holds ‘Listening Sessions’ on Cannabis Legalization

Last month, New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo’s office announced a series of 15 listening sessions about cannabis legalization (including one in Manhattan last week) to hear public comment through October. Cuomo’s new approach contrasts with the process that resulted in enactment of the Compassionate Care Act, New York’s medical-use-only statute, in 2014. At that time, during

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New York legalization update, CBD is getting more popular in Alaska, CBD Market predicted to Hit 22 Billion by 2022

New York legalization update: the Governor launches a series of “listening sessions” around the state for public input and what New York City can do about it On August 30 New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo’s office made a major announcement: the Governor will hold fifteen “listening sessions” on cannabis legalization at locations around the state in September

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Cannabis Legalization in New York: What the State’s New Study is Missing

[Editor’s note: This is the second of a two-part review regarding the status of adult-use legalization in New York State in light of the governor’s commissioned report by the Department of Health. Part 1 can be viewed here.]  On July 13, the New York State Department of Health released a comprehensive report to Governor Andrew Cuomo stating that the

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