Cannabis Industry In Uruguay: Measures To “Boost and Incentivize”

Written by: Adrián A. Gutiérrez On 8/6/2020, two Decrees were published expressing the intention already stated repeatedly by the Uruguayan Government to promote the production, industrialization, and commercialization of psychoactive and non-psychoactive cannabis, for medical and industrial use. More specifically, these Decrees state that it is appropriate "to strengthen and incentivize medical psychoactive cannabis industry

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Rules For Medical Cannabis In Mexico

Written by: Luis Armendariz LinkedIn: luisarmendariz September 2020 Finally, on July 27, 2020, a draft of secondary rules for medical cannabis in Mexico were submitted by the Secretary of Health (SSA) to the National Commission for Regulatory Improvement (CONAMER) for the mandatory public consultation and regulatory impact assessment. The rules, titled Rules for the Sanitary

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