Hemp Is Not Marijuana . . . Unless You Ask the DEA

DEA Tries to Define Hemp If you’re a hemp business, you probably understand the victory that came with Congress passing the 2018 Farm Bill. As most industry players know, this piece of federal legislation expressly confirmed that hemp is excluded from treatment as "marihuana" at the federal level. Importantly, the 2018 Farm Bill also more

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Rules For Medical Cannabis In Mexico

Written by: Luis Armendariz LinkedIn: luisarmendariz September 2020 Finally, on July 27, 2020, a draft of secondary rules for medical cannabis in Mexico were submitted by the Secretary of Health (SSA) to the National Commission for Regulatory Improvement (CONAMER) for the mandatory public consultation and regulatory impact assessment. The rules, titled Rules for the Sanitary

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A legalização da cannabis no Brasil no âmbito da PL 399/2015

A legalização da cannabis e seus derivados têm seguido um longo caminho no Brasil. Atualmente, a substância encontra-se proibida, nos termos da Lei nº 11.343/2006. Contudo, face à crescente demanda por medicamentos e o desenvolvimento de políticas regulamentares em outros países, a Agência Nacional de Vigilância Sanitária (ANVISA) aprovou no início deste ano a RDC

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Three Keys To Success With Marijuana Regulatory Agencies

Written by: Craig Small, Hoban Law Group September 2020 In the multiverse of marijuana regulatory agency interactions between marijuana business licenses, their counsel, and regulatory agency officials, a few modes of operation have emerged as critical to an attorney’s success in negotiating with such officials on behalf of their clients.  Certainly, there are an infinite

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Hemp in America With cannabis history still very much in the making, there are many chapters already written about the plant’s legal and social evolution. It is important to understand the living history of marijuana and hemp in the United States in order to make sense of where cannabis — and the commercial cannabis industry

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The Hoban Minute Top 5 Episodes

After producing over 100 episodes of The Hoban Minute, join us as we take a moment to recognize our Top 5 episodes. Shift your perspective on cannabis with The Hoban Minute. Listen in weekly as Bob Hoban and Eric Singular sit down with hemp and marijuana industry thought leaders from across the globe to discuss

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4 Takeaways From the FDA’s CBD Accuracy Report

Multiyear studies show the industry is improving but could be better WASHINGTON — The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) submitted a report to Congress in July outlining numerous studies the agency has conducted to determine the labeling accuracy of various cannabidiol (CBD) products. As covered by Marijuana Moment, the report was the second mandated

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Will Marijuana become legal? Is federalization really what we want?

Federalization of Marijuana The Federalization of Marijuana will change the landscape of the localized marijuana industry and will be the next evolution in the realm of legal marijuana.  Federal legalization will certainly bring more basic business tools to marijuana entrepreneurs such as banking, access to federal loans and grants, interstate commerce, etc. But, what other

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