Colorado Grants Pardons for Marijuana Possession

“The Governor may grant pardons to a class of defendants who were convicted of the possession of up to two ounces of marijuana.”  C.R.S. 16-17-102(2). On June 29, 2020 and in that one sentence, Colorado grants its Governor the unilateral power to pardon an entire class of society and removes a significant obstacle towards their

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NJ is key to East Coast adult-use cannabis legalization, stakeholders say

New Jersey is the “linchpin” for coming recreational marijuana legalization on the East Coast, a panel of industry experts said Tuesday on the second day of MJBizConNEXT Direct, Marijuana Business Daily‘s three-day virtual cannabis business conference. Panelist Rob DiPisa, partner and co-chair of cannabis law group Cole Schotz, called New Jersey a “hot market” that

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Colorado Has Done The Right Thing With HB 20-1424 Social Equity License

Although there are many metrics to calculate some of the damage the U.S. War on Drugs has inflicted on minorities the true extent of the damage may ultimately be too severe to be calculable.  The disastrous effects on minorities present in the foundations of social inequity are exponentially compounded as the years, decades and centuries

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Illinois Adult Use Marijuana Sales

Written By:  Larry Mishkin A few years ago, when I would attend marijuana conferences around the country, everyone with whom I spoke always seemed ready to talk business opportunities until they heard I was from Illinois.  After that, talk quickly turned away from anything cannabis to Al Capone, Michael Jordan, the Cubs, whatever.  This was

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An “Essential” Distinction? Medical Versus Recreational Marijuana In The Time Of COVID-19

Robert Hoban Contributor Vices I cover the legal issues shaping the global cannabis industry. When Mitt Romney was running for president in 2012, he traveled to Colorado, where a reporter questioned him about the state’s impending legalization of recreational marijuana. “Ask me about something important,” he shot back, before calling on the next journalist. Less

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The Hoban Minute – 50 Dope CFO’s Naomi Granger | Why You Need a Specialized Cannabusiness Accountant

The Hoban Minute - 50 Dope CFO’s Naomi Granger | Why You Need a Specialized Cannabusiness Accountant Bob and Eric sit down with co-founder and owner of Dope CFO, Naomi Granger to discuss the importance of proper accounting for cannabis business, the recently released Treasury Inspector General tax guidance for the marijuana industry, and new

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Why Intellectual Property Protection is Critical To Your Cannabusiness

Written By Craig Small Senior Attorney at Hoban Law Group For any business to be successful it must constantly strive to maximize diverse revenue generating streams while minimizing the costs of doing do. For most businesses, the development and monetization of an intellectual property portfolio that encompasses patents, trademarks, copyright, brands, goodwill, and trade secrets

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Industry Group Asks Seven Governors To Legalize Marijuana To Aid Coronavirus Economic Recovery

A marijuana industry group sent letters to seven governors in the Northeast on Thursday, imploring them to push for cannabis legalization to aid in economic recovery amid the coronavirus pandemic. The National Association of Cannabis Businesses (NACB) said a regionally coordinated legalization strategy would help generate much-needed tax revenue from legal marijuana sales. “Governors in

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