Mexico moves toward legal hemp, marijuana despite latest delay

It’s become a common theme in Mexico that deadlines to legalize hemp and marijuana come and go, but lawmakers had no control over the latest delay. As the coronavirus spread across the globe, lawmakers had to cancel further action in late March, missing an April 30 deadline Mexico’s supreme court set. Now, lawmakers have to pass a legalization bill

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Mexico’s legalization of hemp, marijuana could be ‘quite significant’ for US markets

Mexico is poised to become the world’s most-populous country with legal marijuana and hemp next month – and, unlike its northern neighbor, Mexico is setting nationwide regulations to cover all forms of cannabis, no matter the THC content, instead of having a patchwork of laws for the two plants. That could potentially open more business opportunities in

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A Long Road to Legalization: How Mexico Will Fit in the Global Cannabis Economy

Cannabis legalization in Mexico carries substantial weight. Since the fall of Colombia’s cartels, Mexico’s have come to dominate the black market. For viewers of Netflix’s Narcos and Narcos: Mexico (like myself), the impact of the Drug War and the violent influence of cartels has become captivating subject matter to American audiences. The reality is even

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