There’s gold in that green: Industrial hemp comes to the High Plains

In 1848, James Marshall discovered the first flakes of gold at Sutter’s Mill in Coloma, California. Those flakes led to the California Gold Rush and turned the newly acquired ex-Mexican territory into a billion-dollar shot for the American economy. This is a critical distinction, explained Larry Mishkin, attorney with Hoban Law Group, a Denver, Colorado-based

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Illinois Law Enforcement Has No Way To Roadside Test For Marijuana Impairment While Driving As Legalization Looms

Drivers under the influence of marijuana are up to twice as likely to crash, according to a AAA report. In a state that is gearing up for legalization, there’s been pushback from the beginning from groups like the Illinois Sheriff’s Association, who said there is no roadside testing available for use by law enforcement in

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Adult Use Marijuana Will Be Legal In Illinois Jan. 1, But Not Without Limitations

Marijuana will be legal for all Illinois residents and visitors over the age of 21 beginning in January, but he law does not protect those people from possibly losing their jobs, homes and more. --- “It is not a free ticket to go and buy marijuana and smoke it anywhere and anytime,” said attorney Larry

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