Cannabis Financing “In and Out”:  Debt Versus Equity

Written by Steve Schain Unlike more mature industries, cannabis ventures are often "startups" differently situated in evaluating whether to seek debt or equity financing.   While debt, i.e., loans secured by assets, is preferable, equity, or convertible debt, is more common. Because it is 100% violative of federal law, for "plant-touching" marijuana businesses obtaining a loan

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IP and the 4 Lanes Of Cannabis Commerce

In a recent article, Bob Hoban observed that cannabis commerce can be divided among 4 commercial lanes Recreational cannabis High-end “craft” strains Mass-marketed generic products Pharmaceuticals Wellness and food products (CPGs - edibles, cosmetics & nutraceuticals) Industrial hemp, which can be further divided into Fuels Plastics, Textiles, Paper, and Construction materials Biomass for cannabinoid extraction

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My Back Might Need Protection: IP in the Cannabis Industry

Intellectual property is commonly understood in the cannabis community as being synonymous with trademarks. But IP encompasses much more than logos and taglines. It also includes patents, trade secrets, and copyrights.  For companies creating unique formulations and for hemp and marijuana plant breeders, the options for IP can play an important role in your overarching

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Why Intellectual Property Protection is Critical To Your Cannabusiness

Written By Craig Small Senior Attorney at Hoban Law Group For any business to be successful it must constantly strive to maximize diverse revenue generating streams while minimizing the costs of doing do. For most businesses, the development and monetization of an intellectual property portfolio that encompasses patents, trademarks, copyright, brands, goodwill, and trade secrets

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Intellectual Property and Medicinal Cannabis

The agreement between Medcann Colombia S.A.S and Klonetic Plant Science Inc. to make available for them different varieties of psychoactive and non-psychoactive cannabis, reminds the industry of the importance of intellectual property protection towards new developments. Colombia has become one of the leading countries in the export of medicinal cannabis. For this reason, it is

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Intellectual Property Considerations for Cannabis and Hemp Companies

Research, product development and marketing represent the biggest costs for a cannabis company.  At the same time, many cannabis products are easily copied by unscrupulous competitors, who profit while avoiding the costs of bringing those products to market.  So, what can cannabis companies do about copycats? At stake in such situations is the investment of

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