Benefits Of Medical Marijuana According To Top 20 Experts In The Industry

The fact that medical marijuana exists means it must be doing wonders in the medicinal field. Despite the legal issues surrounding cannabis, experts have discovered its helpful benefits in managing various health conditions. That is why multiple states have allowed the use of marijuana for medical reasons. Today, with a marijuana card, you can legally

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The Owner of Oakland’s Cult-Favorite Burmese Spot Has a New Restaurant in the Tenderloin

Former Grocery Cafe owner William Lue is slinging exceedingly affordable Burmese dishes — with or without hemp leaves — at his new restaurant, Herbal Before it closed permanently in late February, just ahead of the coronavirus shutdown, Grocery Cafe was one of the East Bay’s top Burmese restaurants — a homegrown success story that garnered national press

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NJ is key to East Coast adult-use cannabis legalization, stakeholders say

New Jersey is the “linchpin” for coming recreational marijuana legalization on the East Coast, a panel of industry experts said Tuesday on the second day of MJBizConNEXT Direct, Marijuana Business Daily‘s three-day virtual cannabis business conference. Panelist Rob DiPisa, partner and co-chair of cannabis law group Cole Schotz, called New Jersey a “hot market” that

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3 Takeaways From ‘The Forward Contracting Hemp In An Oversupplied Market’ Webinar

Last week, PanXchange hosted a webinar titled “The Forward Contracting Hemp in an Oversupplied Market.” The session, which will soon be available to the public, covered many aspects of price risk management, including fixed-price transactions, crop insurance, sales contracts and various legal issues regarding contract terms. Here are three key takeaways: Bob Hoban, president and

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CBD Has Never Been A Controlled Substance

Robert Hoban Contributor My job is to shed light. Most specifically on the great intricacies of cannabis law, policy, and regulation. The past several years have seen extensive debate about the legal status of cannabidiol (CBD). Is it legal? Was it ever a controlled substance? How is it regulated? Lawyers, industry professionals, and learned scholars

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An “Essential” Distinction? Medical Versus Recreational Marijuana In The Time Of COVID-19

Robert Hoban Contributor Vices I cover the legal issues shaping the global cannabis industry. When Mitt Romney was running for president in 2012, he traveled to Colorado, where a reporter questioned him about the state’s impending legalization of recreational marijuana. “Ask me about something important,” he shot back, before calling on the next journalist. Less

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White House office reviewing FDA cannabis guidance

An FDA spokesman said his agency is "working toward a goal of providing additional guidance" related to marketing CBD for various products and has "made substantial progress." An office that serves President Donald Trump is reviewing a draft cannabis guidance document from FDA—possibly signaling progress in the public health agency’s examination of whether and how

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Economic recovery money still available for hemp farms and businesses, despite USDA shun

Storefronts are re-opening and farms are commencing with planting season, and hemp and CBD businesses continue to seek out loans and disaster relief money as economic recovery begins. Hemp industry members bristled at an announcement from federal agriculture officials in late May that money set aside for farmers wouldn’t be going to anyone growing hemp.

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The top 7 law firms in cannabis, according to investors, startups and major companies in the booming industry

Cannabis companies in North America are engaged in an incredibly complex business. They're selling a substance that remains illegal on the federal level, even as it has become legal in some shape or form across many states in the US. This often means seeking the advice of experts who can help companies follow laws and

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