The Owner of Oakland’s Cult-Favorite Burmese Spot Has a New Restaurant in the Tenderloin

Former Grocery Cafe owner William Lue is slinging exceedingly affordable Burmese dishes — with or without hemp leaves — at his new restaurant, Herbal Before it closed permanently in late February, just ahead of the coronavirus shutdown, Grocery Cafe was one of the East Bay’s top Burmese restaurants — a homegrown success story that garnered national press

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Economic recovery money still available for hemp farms and businesses, despite USDA shun

Storefronts are re-opening and farms are commencing with planting season, and hemp and CBD businesses continue to seek out loans and disaster relief money as economic recovery begins. Hemp industry members bristled at an announcement from federal agriculture officials in late May that money set aside for farmers wouldn’t be going to anyone growing hemp.

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The top 7 law firms in cannabis, according to investors, startups and major companies in the booming industry

Cannabis companies in North America are engaged in an incredibly complex business. They're selling a substance that remains illegal on the federal level, even as it has become legal in some shape or form across many states in the US. This often means seeking the advice of experts who can help companies follow laws and

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Why Intellectual Property Protection is Critical To Your Cannabusiness

Written By Craig Small Senior Attorney at Hoban Law Group For any business to be successful it must constantly strive to maximize diverse revenue generating streams while minimizing the costs of doing do. For most businesses, the development and monetization of an intellectual property portfolio that encompasses patents, trademarks, copyright, brands, goodwill, and trade secrets

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Hoban Minute Podcast: Benzinga’s Javier Hasse On ‘What COVID-19 Has Revealed About The Cannabis Market’

Bob and Eric sit down with author, Forbes senior contributor, CEO of El Planteo, and Managing Director of Benzinga Cannabis, Javier Hasse who shares his perspective on how Argentina has been impacted by the spread of COVID-19. They discuss the recent performance of marijuana stocks and consumer behavior, the ineligibility of marijuana businesses for financial assistance through

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Federal COVID-19 Response Leaves Some Cannabis Businesses in the Cold

Written by Darren Kaplan & Jana Weltzin As businesses around the United States reckon with the unfolding realities of the COVID-19 pandemic, the cannabis industry has continued to experience the consequences of divergent federal and state policies. On one hand, the hemp side of the cannabis industry is reaping the rewards of national legalization by

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Cannabis and Coronavirus: New Frontier Webinar Focuses on Risk, Opportunity

Cannabis marketing data firm New Frontier Data yesterday hosted a day-long webinar on the effect of the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis on the global cannabis and hemp industries.   Moderated by CNBC’s Tim Seymour and Amanda Drury, and former FOX News announcer Carl Cameron, the Global Cannabis Town Hall: New Economic Realities featured online panels with

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FDA Issues Warning Letter to CBD Company for Fraudulent COVID-19 Treatment Claims

On Tuesday, the Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) and the Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”) issued a Warning Letter issued to Neuro XPF, a company selling CBD products in the U.S., based on claims contained on its website and social media pages that its products can mitigate, prevent, treat, diagnose, or cure COVID-19. The FDA has

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CBD, COVID-19 target of FDA warning letter

Government officials have directed NeuroXPF – a marketer of CBD founded by a former NFL lineman – to email an FDA COVID-19 task force, explaining steps it has taken to correct alleged violations of law tied to marketing claims. Federal regulators have targeted a company founded by a former professional football player for making claims

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Trade groups irked with FDA following CBD report to Congress

FDA’s 15-page report to the House and Senate appropriations committees was met with criticism from some leaders in the natural products and hemp industries, who have said the agency is dragging its heels on actively regulating a hemp-derived compound that has proliferated in U.S. products marketed as dietary supplements. FDA last week told Congress it’s

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