Shipping a Super Crop: An Overview of Importation and Exportation of Hemp

This article is authored by managing attorney, Garrett Graff. Hemp is one of the most environmentally sustainable agricultural products as hemp is cultivated in a variety of climates and its uses are innumerable, including food, fuel, fabric, bioplastics, paper, and other industrial products. The Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018 (“2018 Farm Bill”) removed hemp from

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The Current Status of Hemp and the FDA

This article is authored by managing attorney, Garrett Graff. Finished products containing hemp-derived ingredients are becoming increasingly popular as a myriad of products have and continue to enter the market since the passage of the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018 (“2018 Farm Bill”).  The 2018 Farm Bill reserved regulatory authority over finished products that contain

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Hoban Law Group Files Amicus Brief in Support of Petitioners in Washington v. Barr

The Hoban Law Group filed an amicus brief on behalf of two amici this week in support of the Petitioners’ writ of certiorari to encourage the Supreme Court of the United States to hear Marvin Washington, et al. v. William P. Barr, Attorney General, et. al.. Petitioners challenge marijuana’s schedule I status under the Controlled

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Struggling Economy Might Signal Time For Cannabis Businesses To Seek Out Real Estate Deals

The COVID-19 crisis and ensuing economic downturn have created opportunities for cannabis companies to finagle deals on real estate belonging to mainstream businesses or marijuana firms that are scaling back or even closing their doors. Other cannabis companies are simply hoping their landlords will lower rents to fill vacant properties or to avoid losing existing

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The Hoban Minute – 88 | HLG Fireside Chat | Part 2 with Garrett Graff, Donnie Emmi, and Bob Hoban

The Hoban Minute - 88 | HLG Fireside Chat | Part 2 with Garrett Graff, Donnie Emmi, and Bob Hoban Eric hosts part two of a roundtable discussion between Hoban Law Group members Bob Hoban, Garrett Graff, and Donnie Emmi to discuss cannabusinesses and cannabis law trends that have emerged in the wake of COVID-19,

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White House office reviewing FDA cannabis guidance

An FDA spokesman said his agency is "working toward a goal of providing additional guidance" related to marketing CBD for various products and has "made substantial progress." An office that serves President Donald Trump is reviewing a draft cannabis guidance document from FDA—possibly signaling progress in the public health agency’s examination of whether and how

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Economic recovery money still available for hemp farms and businesses, despite USDA shun

Storefronts are re-opening and farms are commencing with planting season, and hemp and CBD businesses continue to seek out loans and disaster relief money as economic recovery begins. Hemp industry members bristled at an announcement from federal agriculture officials in late May that money set aside for farmers wouldn’t be going to anyone growing hemp.

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What can hemp do for planetary health?

Hemp for victory—only this time, not for World War II, but for the sake of all humanity. Hemper fi! Three-hundred and ninety-one thousand species of plants on Planet Earth, meet the one with 25,000 uses. The one that might be the one to save humanity from itself. We’re talking, of course, of the Cannabis sativa plant—its marquee

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