White House office reviewing FDA cannabis guidance

An FDA spokesman said his agency is "working toward a goal of providing additional guidance" related to marketing CBD for various products and has "made substantial progress." An office that serves President Donald Trump is reviewing a draft cannabis guidance document from FDA—possibly signaling progress in the public health agency’s examination of whether and how

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Economic recovery money still available for hemp farms and businesses, despite USDA shun

Storefronts are re-opening and farms are commencing with planting season, and hemp and CBD businesses continue to seek out loans and disaster relief money as economic recovery begins. Hemp industry members bristled at an announcement from federal agriculture officials in late May that money set aside for farmers wouldn’t be going to anyone growing hemp.

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What can hemp do for planetary health?

Hemp for victory—only this time, not for World War II, but for the sake of all humanity. Hemper fi! Three-hundred and ninety-one thousand species of plants on Planet Earth, meet the one with 25,000 uses. The one that might be the one to save humanity from itself. We’re talking, of course, of the Cannabis sativa plant—its marquee

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Hemp groups pool resources to ensure path to CBD market in Europe

With time ticking down for CBD manufacturers to meet the UK’s deadline for having a validated EU novel food application in hand, two European hemp associations are pooling resources to meet the application’s requirements. The assistance on offer from the European Industrial Hemp Association in Germany and the Association for the Cannabinoid Industry in the UK highlights

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The Hoban Minute – 13 International Hemp Solutions’ Tom Dermody | Breaking News

The Hoban Minute – 13 International Hemp Solutions’ Tom Dermody | Breaking News Bob and Eric sit down with VP of Strategic Development for International Hemp Solutions, Tom Dermody to discuss the significance of cannabis businesses to be deemed as essential services in the States of Colorado, California, and Washington in the wake of shelter

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The Hoban Minute – 12 Hoban Law Group’s Garrett Graff | Am I Eligible for Government Financial Assistance?

The Hoban Minute – 12 Hoban Law Group’s Garrett Graff | Am I Eligible for Government Financial Assistance? Bob and Eric sit down with Managing Attorney of Hoban Law Group, Garrett Graff to discuss what cannabusiness owners need to be thinking about as it relates to legal considerations including contracts, force majeure clauses, liability, whether

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Trade groups irked with FDA following CBD report to Congress

FDA’s 15-page report to the House and Senate appropriations committees was met with criticism from some leaders in the natural products and hemp industries, who have said the agency is dragging its heels on actively regulating a hemp-derived compound that has proliferated in U.S. products marketed as dietary supplements. FDA last week told Congress it’s

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Crop Insurance Expands for Domestic Hemp Producers

With the growing popularity of hemp as an agricultural commodity, farmers are gravitating towards hemp production. When growing crops, corn for example, farmers are able to purchase crop insurance to cover or mitigate losses. However, crop insurance is not as accessible for hemp.  Prior to the recent regulatory changes implemented by the Agricultural Improvement Act

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