What A Long Strange Trip It’s Been

Written By Eric Singular A few weeks back, we released the 100th episode of The Hoban Minute. When we started down the path of creating a podcast, we didn’t know exactly where the road would take us. All we knew is that it was imperative to address and offer perspective on the COVID-19 pandemic that

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Going to California: Vote Hemp

Written by Eric Singular The sea was red and the sky was grey/Wondered how tomorrow could ever follow today California is the nation’s largest agricultural producer, with farming being one of the leading economic sectors in the Golden State. All together the state produces more than 400 crops, which account for $50 billion in annual

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The Challenges of Navigating Banking in the Cannabis Industry

Written by Eric Singular To put it in no uncertain terms, every echelon of the cannabis industry is in desperate need of banking services. One of the greatest challenges the legal marijuana industry faces is managing cash and securing financial services. This is true for plant-touching businesses, ancillary service providers, and financial institutions. Cannabis and

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Colorado’s History With Marijuana And Path To Legalization

Written by Craig Small Colorado’s historical relationship between cannabis and the law goes back to the founding of the state in 1876 when cannabis was completely legal, unregulated and commonly used for pharmacological purposes even if the cannabis tinctures sold for medicinal use didn’t always include cannabis as in ingredient in the label. It was

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Sittin’ on Top of the World.  Vermont becomes the 11th State to Regulate Sales Of Psychoactive Cannabis.

Written By Andrew Subin After years of hard work by advocates, lobbyists, and legislators, Vermont finally passed a bill to tax and regulate sales of adult-use cannabis.    We are proud to be the 11th state to allow and regulate cultivation and sales of recreational cannabis. The Vermont industry will be focused on small scale craft

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The Quest for Equal Opportunity: Social Equity Initiatives Within State Legal Marijuana Programs

This article is authored by Haley Keefer, Law Clerk.   In 2019, the US marijuana industry employed nearly 200,000 people, and it is expected that the workforce will reach 295,000 employees by the end of this year – more than the number of US computer programmers. As the marijuana market and workforce continue to grow,

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Actualización de Octubre sobre Uruguay, por HLG Global

Written by Dr. Adrián A. Gutiérrez El gobierno uruguayo ha expresado su inequívoca decisión de impulsar la industria del cannabis con fines medicinales e industriales. En este sentido, las señales enviadas a los inversores son claras: lo que se pretende es dinamizar los procesos de obtención de licencias para la producción, industrialización y exportación de

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Octubre 2020: Se prorroga reglamento para uso médico

Written by Luis Armendariz LinkedIn: luisarmendariz El 9 de septiembre de 2020 era (de nueva cuenta) fecha límite para que la Secretaría de Salud (“SSA”) publicara el reglamento para el uso médico del cannabis (el “Reglamento”). Sin embargo, la SSA no se pronunció al respecto en dicha fecha. @Mar_Garfias, quien actúa en representación de su

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Israel:  Legislative Efforts to Legalize Adult Use Continue Despite Covid-19 Crisis and Governmental Turbulence

Written by Richard Bardenstein As public attention in Israel is almost totally focused on battling the Covid-19 pandemic, an economy on renewed lockdown, and an unstable government, Israeli legislators and regulators continue to make strides towards legislation that will legalize, or at least decriminalize, recreational use of cannabis. Israel Is a Global Leader In Medical

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La regulación nacional del cannabis en Colombia fue una de las primeras a nivel latinoamericano, dándole al país una ventaja competitiva y normativa que catapultaría el mercado interno y externo del cannabis medicinal. Diversas han sido los decretos y regulaciones en torno a esto enfocados en trazar el camino para que los empresarios pudieran sacar

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