Reflections on Colorado Hemp Week  

Last week, Colorado Governor Jared Polis signed an order proclaiming the week of June 6th  “Colorado Hemp Week” in the Centennial State. As he pointed out, Colorado was a pioneer for the reemergence of industrial hemp cultivation after decades of prohibition. When ballot measure Amendment 64 passed in 2012, while most folks celebrated the legalization

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My Back Might Need Protection: IP in the Cannabis Industry

Intellectual property is commonly understood in the cannabis community as being synonymous with trademarks. But IP encomapsses much more than logos and taglines. It includes copyright patents and trade secret protection, and for companies creating unique formulations and for hemp and marijuana plant breeders, the options for IP can play an important role in your

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Black Dirt Lives Again! Mexico’s Bright Future for Cannabis

Back in February, prior to the COVID pause, I traveled to Mexico to discuss the future of Mexico’s cannabis policy with top political decision makers alongside HLG international attorney, Luis Armendariz. Mexico is on the brink of cannabis legalization for both marijuana and industrial hemp, and I cannot stress enough how significant of this move.

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El Sol Saldrá Mañana: Un mensaje Global de Esperanza y Salud

Cuidado, porque aquí viene algunos consejos gratis. Antes del golpe del COVID-19, nuestro equipo en HLG se había estado preparando para el lanzamiento de un podcast. A medida que el impacto de la pandemia comenzó a remodelar nuestra vida cotidiana, decidimos usar esta nueva plataforma para promulgar la visión de los líderes mundiales en la

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