Labor and Employment Law

Denver attorneys skillfully reviewing employment law issues

As general counsel, Hoban Law Group can handle a number of employment issues including noncompete agreements and employment discrimination issues. A noncompete agreement is a contract or a portion of a contract formed between an employer and an employee. Noncompetes are designed to protect the interests of the employer from unfair competition by a former employee. They can have several functions including limiting the solicitation of former clients and limiting the subsequent employment a former employee may seek by function, time, scope or geography. However, noncompete agreements must also be reasonable in their function, time, scope and area. Hoban Law Group can write a noncompete and implement the necessary new employee procedures so that a court is likely to find your agreement reasonable. Additionally, employers often become lawsuit targets for current or former employees after the employment relationship sours. Discrimination suits for actual or perceived discrimination are common following an employee's termination. Our firm defends employers against discrimination and other potentially retaliatory suits and also works with them to develop hiring, firing and disciplinary procedures to minimize your liability.