Government and Policy Consulting

Colorado has been at the forefront of regulating cannabis and hemp products. After initially regulating medical marijuana, the state now has robust regulatory programs for medical marijuana, recreational (or retail) marijuana, and hemp. Serving as an example to other new marijuana regulatory systems, Colorado’s laws, rules, and regulations have been ever-changing. Not only businesses, but government agencies and other entities tasked with policy-making and enforcement, too, must keep up as the industry grows, new challenges arise, and the need for resourceful solutions evolves.

Attorneys Can Assist Government and Policy Makers

Government entities responsible for implanting new laws, rules, and/or regulations in cannabis and/or hemp often face the daunting task of creating from scratch a system that will meet all of their constituents’ unique needs. If a regulatory system is to be successful, it needs to address, in a balanced way, just some of the following concerns:

  • Licensing and certification processes;
  • Profitability incentives for new businesses in these industries; Consumer safety requirements like packaging, labelling, and testing;
  • Effective, but not discouraging, enforcement methods;
  • Ways to update and amend laws, rules, and regulations as the industry evolves;
  • Public or social consumption allowances or restrictions;
  • Distinguishing, if needed, between medical and recreational (retail) marijuana;
  • Providing support and resources to ensure the viability of these new industries;
  • Ensuring cohesiveness and avoiding confusion between national, state, local, and/or other applicable laws, rules, and regulations; and
  • Establishing a system that is possible for industry actors to comply with.

Whether in the conception, creation, implementation, enforcement, evolution, or any other stage of governing a regulated medical marijuana, recreational (retail) marijuana, and/or hemp program, there are experts available to guide policy and consult in all of these areas.

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