Dispute Resolution Services

Save time and money. Craft your solution.

Our mediation services are generally limited to partnership, small business, and real estate disputes.  We help businesses and individuals transform disputes into solutions.

Based on our training and experience, we address difficult and oftentimes complex problems; that is our responsibility and role as a mediator.

The benefits of professional mediation are endless. While typically costing a fraction of the cost for litigation or a lawsuit, mediation can help the parties to avoid the uncertainty inherent in a judicial outcome. This means both parties save significantly on expenses and are more likely to develop an agreement which is beneficial to all, and which leads to increased overall satisfaction. 

Most small businesses will experience huge benefits by utilizing mediation, rather than litigation, to resolve their disputes and conflicts. Owners of small businesses are just as likely as major corporations to run into disputes with other businesses, customers, employees, vendors, their own partners in their business – yet unlike big corporations, a small business will often lack the human resources, financial resources, public relations, and/or legal departments to assist in resolving these conflicts.

Mediation is the most effective method for assisting in a variety of business matters, including:

  • Litigation resolution
  • Negotiation of the ownership and partnership agreement after a professional practice or new business is formed
  • Resolution of disputes between the principal owners of an existing small business
  • Renegotiation of any aspects of a partnership or ownership
  • Negotiation of agreeable terms of dissolution of a business where dissolution is the desired outcome
  • Marijuana business disputes
  • Helping to resolve any current conflicts between two businesses
  • Helping businesses
  • Assisting in the resolution of any personal disputes
  • Helping to establish and maintain successful employment relationships. In today’s world, the difference between success and failure in a changing business environment boils down to the quality of existing relationships within a business as well as the inter-business relationships.