Commercial Litigation

Representing you in partnership disputes, contract disputes and more

Regardless of the legal challenges your company currently faces, our experienced litigators at Hoban Law Group can meet those challenges and protect your business. Our attorneys often think outside the box to develop and implement creative solutions to high-conflict disputes such as contract or partnership disputes.

When it comes to partnerships, it often seems that partners share the same vision at the outset. And because they share that vision, internal matters simply should work themselves out. Unfortunately, disagreements often arise among the original partners or new members added later. That's why it's important to have partnership or shareholders agreements, which can resolve the difficult issues of retirement or buyout provisions, the compensation system and amounts, and separation provisions. Handling these important issues in a comprehensive agreement can eliminate one aspect of internal disagreement and allow your company to pursue its goals.

While every thoroughly drafted contract attempts to plan for the future, unforeseeable events can and do intervene, causing conflict. If mediation has failed, we can serve as effective and creative counsel. We protect your business by presenting a clear interpretation of the contract and law that supports your position.

What types of business torts does the firm litigate?

  • Fraudulent misrepresentation -- Fraudulent misrepresentation is also called fraud or deceptive business practices. When this offense occurs, one party misrepresents or fails to disclose information he should have disclosed about an important element of a deal. The other party relies on this misrepresentation and is damaged by it.
  • Unfair competition -- Rather than corresponding to a single wrongful business act, unfair competition encompasses numerous acts including trademark infringement, false advertising, product disparagement and misappropriation. Regardless of your particular grounds for an unfair competition complaint, our attorneys at Hoban Law Group can assist you.
  • Interference with contractual relationship -- In some cases, if another party obstructs or sabotages your business transactions as set forth in a contract, an action can be brought for material and intangible losses. Knowledge, intent and harm each must be proven to successfully recover in such cases.

Representing you in breach of fiduciary duty matters

A fiduciary duty requires a party to set aside his own interests and solely pursue the interests of another person or corporation. Because this relationship involves confidence and trust, a breach of a fiduciary duty can cause immense financial damage to a company. Whether your concern is related to corporate boards or other fiduciary matters, one of our Hoban Law Group attorneys can provide the answers and guidance you are looking for.