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Born and raised a Jersey girl, Sandy has a unique work background which started in T.V. production in New York City. However, that scene was too busy for her after discovering her love of the mountains and wide open spaces through numerous road trips with her husband, Bob Hoban. Her life adventure began when she and Bob left the comfort of New Jersey for Bob’s postgraduate studies at the University of Wyoming, College of Law.

Living life on the plains of Wyoming was an eye-opening experience for Sandy; life moved slower, people were kinder, and the overall vibe of the West was a true fit. While Bob was earning his law degree, Sandy became a morning talk show host at the local Mix 105.5FM radio station. Her bubbly personality and humorous antics became well known from Laramie, Wyoming to Ft. Collins, CO:)

But life took a different turn for Sandy in 2001 when she was bitten by the teaching bug. Her studies at the University of Wyoming inspired her to utilize her outgoing, personable talents to educate others. Since then, Sandy has taught the gamut of ages from kindergarten to community college.

In 2016, Sandy took an extended sabbatical from teaching to pursue her passion for writing non-fiction narratives; she is currently published in several web-based and Colorado publications. She joined HLG in 2018 as Chief Administrative Officer and has recently transitioned to the Morale, Wellness and Recreation Coordinator, a position integral to a growing company. Sandy now encourages HLG employees to gather regularly through different organized activities and gatherings.

As a mom to two teenagers and wife to one of the busiest men in the Cannabis/Hemp space, Sandy finds pockets of peace in reading, writing, and listening to The Grateful Dead.


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