The 5th Annual New England Cannabis Convention

Mar 23 2019
Hynes Convention Center, Boston MA

How Blockchain, Crypto-Currency, and Smart Contracts Are Revolutionizing Legalized Marijuana

23  MARCH 2019, 4pm – 4:50pm

Confused about Blockchain, Crypto Currency, Smart Contracts and Initial Coin Offerings and how they apply to legalized marijuana? Learn from banking and intellectual property attorneys, digital currency designer and crypto-currency and payments solution provider how Cannabis Industry is navigating and capitalizing on this dynamic technology and why you can’t afford to miss out. Grasp how technology integrates into plant-touching and non-plant-touching aspects including fund-raising, seed-to-sale tracking, licensure and regulatory compliance, supply chain maintenance, and payment solutions Understand blockchain, cryptocurrencies, digital tokens, smart contracts and initial coin offerings (“ICO”) basics, what agencies regulate and what are regulators’ evolving views. Become familiar with present block chain applications ranging from tracking real estate title in Sweden and Illinois, asset tracking/supply chain management by Walmart, Everledger (diamond) and Chronicled (medicine/vaccines) and State of Delaware’s securities ledgers Learn of current “Smart Contract” uses including settlement and clearing systems (ex., bills of lading), trade finance (e.g., letters of credit), Know Your Customer Anti Money Laundering checks, medical records, food provenance supply chain, loans and escrow pre-defined payment/release events, usage/download based royalty payments, “time share” and insurance payouts