HLG The Week In Review 1.29-2.2

NACB​​​​​​​ Sets New Standards for Packaging, California Bill Seeks to Legalize Banking for Cannabis Businesses, Pro Sports League Accepts CBD, Hemp News in Colorado and Wisconsin

NACB Sets New Standards for Packaging

A national cannabis trade organization with strong ties to Denver has proposed new packaging standards for its members. Those standards, which are similar to the Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division's packaging regulations, will be the first of many to be adopted by members of the National Association of Cannabis Businesses, according to an announcement from the organization. Read more

California bill seeks to legalize banking for cannabis businesses

California’s fast-rising cannabis industry, which has been forced by federal law to conduct almost all its business in cash, got a boost Thursday when legislation was introduced to allow banks to open accounts for people involved in the field. Read more

U.S. Pro Sports League Finally Accepts CBD Products

Treyous Jarrells, former running back for Colorado State turned cannabis entrepreneur, called High Times. “Got an exclusive for you,” he said. “This is history, my brothers.” Green Roads Athletics, a division of Green Roads World in which Treyous serves as a consultant, has become the first CBD based company to openly enter the professional sports realm. Read more

A Colorado Company Produces The Nation's First Certified Hemp Seed, And Can't Keep Up With Demand

What good is it to legalize a crop if no one can get seeds? That's been the trouble with hemp. Coloradans legalized growing hemp when they allowed for recreational marijuana growth and sales in 2013. But hemp seeds have been hard to come by, in part because there's still a federal ban on the plant. Read more

Wisconsin locals learn about growing industrial hemp

Tuesday night, people came in from all over the area, even 3 hours away, to learn about a new growing market to help farmers earn more money. “We’re talking about a crop that's potentially able to make farmers a lot more money than what they’re used to making,” said Ken Anderson, the president and founder of Legacy Hemp, the first provider of certified hemp cultivars. Read more