HLG and Tokken Announce Partnership in Regulatory Compliance Accessibility to the Cannabis industry


Hoban Law Group and Tokken Announce Partnership in Providing Regulatory Compliance Accessibility to the Cannabis Industry

Nov. 14, 2016


DENVER, Colo. –Hoban Law Group, the nation’s premier cannabusiness law firm, and Tokken, announce a collaboration to assist marijuana businesses, ancillary enterprises, and financial institutions with regulatory hurdles in the cannabis industry. This alliance aims to destigmatize the legitimate cannabusiness sector by empowering clients with tools for understanding banking regulations and federal guidance, as well as developing a robust compliance platform and acquiring access to banking.

“At Tokken we expect the partnership with Hoban Law Group, a firm that has penetrated every place where cannabis is legal, will help accelerate Tokken’s growth into other markets, while staying abreast of all of the nuances of local laws,” expressed Tokken CEO, Lamine Zarrad. 

Hoban Law Group Managing Partner Robert Hoban added that, “As this industry moves further and further into the light with an effective regulated marketplace in numerous states, it is essential that our clients utilize cutting edge technologies to gain a competitive advantage. Tokken provides this sort of ‘edge’ and offers a variety of solutions that will foster exponential growth and advancement for our clients and partners around the nation.”   

About Hoban Law Group

Hoban Law Group is the first (since 2008) and only full service, full time national cannabis industry law firm, providing expert advice to clients in the regulated cannabis dispensary system and the industrial hemp industry. As a burgeoning movement has become a multi-million dollar industry, HLG has grown with it, becoming home to a national footprint of attorneys licensed in over sixteen states across the country, as well as Puerto Rico, with the expertise to offer clients a one-stop-shop for their rapidly expanding business legal needs.


You can learn more about Hoban Law Group at https://hoban.law/.

About Tokken

Tokken is a one-of-a-kind Denver-based company, founded by a federal bank regulator, that grants online banking privileges to the emerging cannabis industry; hassle free, no cost payment services to consumers; and a robust compliance platform to partner banks. Tokken mitigates the risk of money laundering by creating a virtual barrier to cash transactions. Using an indelible Blockchain ledger to ensure data integrity and a proprietary compliance program based on structured analytic techniques, Tokken is designed to comply with every relevant regulatory requirement and provide a sustainable banking solution for the cannabis industry.

You can learn more about Tokken on the website https://tokken.com.



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