Hemp’s legal. Tell that to the financial service providers, social media companies, industry officials say

The 2018 federal farm bill legalized hemp. Hemp products can be sent through the mail under certain guidelines. But Linda Main can’t find a credit card company willing to process transactions at her store in Fort Morgan, where she sells CBD merchandise.

“There are one or two out there that do, but there’s a waiting list that is out of this world,” said Main. She and her husband, George Henning, own G&L CBD Oils.


Bluebird and the Denver-based Hoban Law Group joined the Hemp Industries Association  in a campaign called “Hemp is Legal.” They put up a digital billboard in New York’s Times Square that reads: “Facebook: Stop Censoring Hemp.”

Content and advertisements promoting the sale of cannabis or cannabis-related products, including CBD, violate Facebook’s policies, the company said in an email. Ads of hemp products that aren’t ingested and don’t contain CBD are allowed, said Facebook, adding that the company continues to review its policies.

Advertisements for CBD products violate Google’s policy on health care and medicine because it’s an unapproved pharmaceutical and supplement, according to an email from the company. Google doesn’t have a specific policy against advertising hemp products.