Why FDA Threats Won’t Sink the Billion Dollar CBD Industry [PODCAST]

We have spent a lot of time lamenting about the absurdity of the FDA’s hardline position about CBD ever since Congress passed the landmark hemp legislation in the 2018 farm bill. Despite the authors’ concise language that clearly legalizes hemp and all of its natural derivatives, the FDA seems to have its own interpretation about the legal disposition of one of hemp’s molecular nutrients, cannabidiol (CBD). For whatever reason, the agency is intent on strong-arming the industry into compliance with its arbitrary new rules and enforcing its self-administered policy, which it has no legal grounds for enforcing.


Whatever the reason, we were eager to get some answers. And for that, there’s no one more qualified than our guest, a senior partner at Hoban Law Group, Garrett Graff to help us get to the bottom line of the law.