Legalizing Industrial Hemp Farming in the U.S. Was a Brutal Fight That Cannot be Forgotten -- What Organic Brands Need to Know and the Challenges Ahead That Remain

* The legalization of industrial hemp farming is a monumental victory, fought for decades by committed activists who sued the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration along the way. 

* With hemp expected to be a $2.5 billion industry in the U.S. by 2022, this presents a serious opportunity for organic farmers, brands and consumers.  

* Even though the legal concern is no longer an issue, challenges remain and organic brands need to be prepared.


Over the last few years, almost every single food and beverage trend report has mentioned CBD.

And if we wait another 12 or 24 months, CBD will be in nearly every consumable or topical product that we can imagine, and it will not be long before shoppers start to assume that this powerful ingredient has just “always been there.”

If only that were the case.


“Because of the Farm Bill, there has been a shift from legalization to implementation. Now it is civil, literally and figuratively. I am no longer worrying about whether my client is going to jail,” acknowledged Patrick Goggin, Senior Attorney at Hoban Law Group, a firm that specializes in cannabis business law.