Farm Bill 2018: what’s next for hemp in USA?

Bob Hoban

With President Trump’s signature on the Farm Bill in December 2018, Industrial Hemp has been deemed legal again anywhere in the United States after it was made illegal in 1970.

The legal history of Industrial Hemp in the United States

It isn’t the first time hemp is legalized. The 1937 Marijuana Tax Act regulated hemp by levying a tax on producers of the crop, but ended up destroying the hemp industry instead of helping it.

Famously, hemp was promoted through the movie Hemp for Victory in the second World War. The movie came into the hands of cannabis activist Jack Herer, after which it gained popularity and can now be watched publicly. Only to be made illegal again in 1970 because of it’s close relation to Cannabis Sativa and the War on Drugs taking hold.


“It’s going to be a challenge,” said Bob Hoban when asked about this shift of the Departments shift. Robert (Bob) Hoban is one of the leading lawyers in the cannabis and hemp industry. He has worked as a cannabis policy professor at the University of Denver, where he taught cannabis policy courses in Colorado and across the globe. We got to interview Bob at the FAAAT conference in December last year.