Cannabis’ Year in Review: 2018


By Hoban Law Group attorneys Garrett Graff and Darren Kaplan

2018 was a seminal year for legal cannabis, perhaps for the industry at large.

The industry saw many records broken, if not shattered. Revenue generated from legal cannabis set an all-time high. Public support and popularity in the United States grew to unprecedented levels. And – proof being in the proverbial pudding – more and more states and countries continue to legalize (or at least decriminalize) cannabis, pushing the number of legal states and countries beyond ever before. The industry even saw a formerly absolutist anti-marijuana Speaker of the House go “all-in” on cannabis after retiring from politics, and a similarly staunch oppositionist U.S. Attorney General unable to effect substantive change in federal policy before being forced from his role. No one ever expected the cannabis industry to lack excitement or surprises.