GW Pharmaceuticals Inches Closer to FDA Approval of CBD Medicine

Garrett Graff, an associate attorney with Hoban Law Group in Denver, which specializes in cannabis law, said he would expect and hope that as part of its review of GW’s NDA, FDA would “affirm the legitimacy of” hemp-derived products, allowing them to co-exist alongside approved pharmaceutical formulations.

“Obviously, I think FDA has an opportunity here to create a co-existent economy and marketplace, similar to things like fish oil or red yeast rice,” he said in a brief phone interview. 

However, if FDA approves Epidiolex and subsequently cracks down on CBD products being sold as supplements, the hemp industry has no plans of capitulating.

Said Graff: “Though we hope that we don’t have to do so, we stand prepared to defend [the] legitimacy of those hemp products and supplements.”