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Protect your growing business with skilled legal counsel

Most large businesses retain their own in-house legal counsel to handle the legal issues of the corporation. At the largest corporations, it's not unusual for an entire department with a veritable army of lawyers to be retained. However, for a start-up business or a mid-size but growing company, it can be difficult to justify the resources dedicated to legal matters. The good news is that there's no need to develop your own internal legal department: Hoban Law Group offers general counsel to small and emerging businesses in Denver and throughout Colorado. Our attorneys can assist your business with its day-to-day legal concerns, business formation agreements, changes to business structure, and more.

Attorneys providing thorough contract review

A carefully drafted contract is worth its weight in gold: It can save your company significant time and business litigation expense. Poorly drafted contracts can lead to bad business bargains and expose your company to unnecessary liability. The most common contractual mistakes include failing to record or put the contract into writing, missing essential contract terms. The failure to put contracts in writing is common practice for many small businesses, but it shouldn't be. It is much more difficult to prove the terms and even existence of an oral contract than a written one. And certain types of contracts -- including those for land, those that cannot be completed in one year and surety contracts -- must be in writing. When contracts are missing terms, courts may have to intervene to determine the intent of the parties and write in elements of the agreement itself.