Illinois Can Be The Next Adult-Legal Cannabis State If It Can Learn From Its Medical Program

The one-day Green Market Summit symposium in Chicago brought together leaders in the Illinois cannabis industry at just the right time--as details of the state's proposed recreational marijuana bill were released. 

Then-candidate Pritzker promised it, and Governor Pritzker delivered it--the long-awaited details of the proposed recreational marijuana law for Illinois were released on March 4th, 2019. The planfor full cannabis legalization, which aims to try and prevent big business from sweeping in by setting market caps on ownership, is set to begin on January 1, 2020.


That type of progress wasn’t organic either. Opening the program to include new conditions was derived from lawsuits filed by medical marijuana patients. “It was a question of equal protection that the state cannot, on the one hand, declare cannabis as a medicine for some conditions, but on the other hand, other conditions in what seemed like a very random way that they did it,” Larry Mishkin, director of business development at cannabis-focused Hoban Law Group explained to attendees of the recent Green Market Summit (GMS) in Chicago, on May 7th, 2019.