2019 Outlook for Cannabis in Mexico

Even though the process for cannabis legalization in Mexico started a few years ago, 2018 will be remembered as the year when cannabis activists saw efforts materialized in groundbreaking supreme court resolutions, regulatory amendments and proposed legislation. 

Such developments resulted, as previously reported, in the authorization by the Federal Commission for the Protection of Sanitary Risks (“COFEPRIS”) for the first products with cannabis and its derivates to be imported and sold in Mexico. COFEPRIS has made at least two public announcements of these authorizations though it is expected that more applications will continue to be approved. Since then, availability of products such as those with CBD has been increasing, mainly online through small-scale vendors. This should change, however, as some of the applicants obtaining COFEPRIS authorizations are foreign-owned companies from countries like the United States and Spain.

On the legislative front, the proposal to issue the Federal Law for the Regulation and Control of Cannabis (Ley General para la Regulación y el Control de Cannabis) submitted on November 6, 2018 before the Senate is currently subject to review by the Senate Health and Security Committees, respectively.