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Mexico Cannabis Update

Resolution of the Supreme Court on the medicinal use of

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Going to Where the Puck Is

A Much Needed Paradigm Shift Toward a Whole Plant Approach

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North Carolina Hemp: The Debate On Smokable Hemp

North Carolina began regulating pilot hemp production in 2015 pursuant

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U.S. Customs And Border Patrol Bans Canadians, Then Changes Its Mind

Last October, I wrote Can Canadians Involved in the Legalized

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How to Move and Bank Cannabis Cash in the US and Beyond

Spanning 34 states and generating $10.8 billion domestically in 2018,

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Hemp Investing 101: The Basics

Since 2014, the nascent hemp industry quickly developed into a

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I Love The Smell Of Hemp In The Morning…

It smells like victory and this is why. Those who

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An Unbroken Chain?

On August 1, 2019, Colombian cannabis producer Clever Leaves announced

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Risky Business: Investment In The Absence Of Federal Marijuana Legality

A quick note on language. Recently, there’s been a trend

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Litigation Pitfalls – The “Hand-Shake” Contract

Having entered the cannabis and hemp legal space less than

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A Tale of Necessity & Invention: Looking At Poland’s History With Hemp

Three years ago, I was in Poland representing a client

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California’s State of Hemp

It’s midsummer with California’s State Assembly in recess, a great

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Virginia Announces New Policy Allowing the Production of Hemp Extracts

Under a new policy announced by the Northam Administration, the

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Look Beyond the Valuation of a Cannabis Business to Create a Valuable Relationship

Many cannabis investors and companies seeking investments are looking to

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Industry Trembles After FDA Cracks The Whip

Powered by a $6.1 billion annual budget and prosecutorial

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Illinois Announces Adult Use Proposal

True to his word on the campaign trail, new Illinois

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Implications and Ramifications of the Hemp Seizures in Idaho and Oklahoma

“A house divided against itself, cannot stand. I believe this

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Preparing for Increased M&A Activity in the US Hemp Industry

With a stroke of President Trump’s pen on December 20,

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How Risk Management Can Make Marijuana Businesses Bulletproof

Envision managing the risk of a volatile, staggeringly lucrative, 100

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Florida Medical Marijuana: It’s Time To Get Rid of Vertical Integration

In Florida, operators of Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers (MMTCs) are required to

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Lawsuits in the cannabis space

As the cannabis industry matures from illegal activity to

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Pennsylvania Senators Unveil Bill to Foster an Adult-use Cannabis Program

Pennsylvania Senator Daylin Leach and Senator Sharif Street recently unveiled

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Regulation of different CBD product types

As FDA and industry determine the legality of CBD in

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