Lawsuit: That really could be weed growing near Arvin

Remember the headline on the cover of The Californian's June 2 edition? Placed beside a picture of what was thought to be harmless industrial hemp, it read, "Relax. This is not actually weed growing near Arvin." Well, some of it might really be weed after all. A recent lawsuit claims private testing found samples from

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Litigation Looms As The Likeliest Outcome Of Oral Contracts Or Handshake Deals

To professionals having recently entered the industry space for legalized cannabis and hemp, the adjustment from the types of commercial issues encountered while working for a large mainstream corporation can be an abrupt, if not outright dramatic, switch. As an old legal saying goes, a contract is a contract is a contract. Yet, not all

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Litigation Pitfalls – The “Hand-Shake” Contract

Having entered the cannabis and hemp legal space less than a year ago, the adjustment from the commercial issues I encountered working in-house for a large corporation, to those which arise during my “new” day-to-day practice are less than subtle, but certainly not dramatic. As litigation goes, things are not terribly different – as a

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Lawsuits in the cannabis space

As the cannabis industry matures from illegal activity to legitimate businesses, it faces the same exposure to lawsuits that exist in other industries. Once upon a time—and not long ago—it would have been unheard of to try a cannabis civil lawsuit in an American courtroom. However, the cannabis industry cannot be ignored. With most

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Mediation: How to Resolve a Dispute Without Getting the Courts Involved

By Adam Foster Let’s face it: Cannabis and the courts have often had kind of a rocky relationship. Nevertheless, disagreements in business exist, so what are the best options for solving them? Mediation is a type of alternative dispute resolution (ADR), a blanket term referring to various processes for resolving disputes outside of the traditional court

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Inside a Huge Colorado Marijuana Business Lawsuit

Update: After the publication of this post, Scott Pack provided us with additional information that's intended to show he did nothing to defraud the plaintiffs in a lawsuit against him and acted in a manner that was completely legal and ethical. See it below, following our previous coverage. Original post: Attorney Matthew Buck has filed a lawsuit in

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Lawsuit: DEA Marijuana Extract Rule Has ‘Chilled’ Hemp Industry

A marijuana extract rule adopted by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) “stands to chill the entire legal hemp industry through confusion, misinterpretation and misapplication of law," the Hemp Industries Association (HIA) proclaimed last week in a brief filed with a federal appeals court in San Francisco. In the nearly 14,000-word opening brief, HIA and its co-plaintiffs blasted

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Hoban Law Group Files Lawsuit Against DEA

The Hoban Law Group filed a petition on behalf of three clients against the DEA in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth District on January 13th, according to a press release. The clients represented by Hoban Law Group in the suit are Hemp Industries Association, RMH Holdings, LLC and Centuria Natural Foods, Inc. The companies are

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Denver law group suing DEA over its blanket classification of cannabinoids

DENVER – A Denver-based law firm specializing in cannabis law is suing the Drug Enforcement Agency over its December announcement that it would be applying a Schedule-I classification to extracts with any cannabinoids derived from the cannabis plant. The Hoban Law Group filed the lawsuit Jan. 13 in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, based in

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