VOICE OF REASON Prætorium is working to assist local companies on the commercial aspects of the cannabis business to create further economic opportunities for the industry. What’s your opinion on the recent reform on medical cannabis passed by the Ecuadorian legislative assembly? The reform has significant meaning as it is part of the general reform

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February 12, 2020 Senate issues Updated Cannabis Bill On January 15, 2020, the Senate’s Justice and Health’s Committee issued an updated draft of the new Law for Cannabis Regulation (Ley de Regulacion del Cannabis) and other proposed amendments to related provisions in the General Health Law (Ley General de Salud or LGS) and our Federal

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So, you want to ship hemp?

This article is authored by Garrett Graff with contributions from our law clerk, Haley Keefer. As hemp continues to grow as a global commodity, the international shipment of hemp follows. Unfortunately, US-based cannabusinesses have encountered obstacles when shipping hemp and finished products containing hemp internationally. At this time, there is limited federal guidance from the

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Brazilian Court Rules on a Decision Allowing Hemp Cultivation

In recent months, we saw a Brazilian court rule on a decision allowing hemp cultivation, a first in the nation’s history. This, coupled with ANVISA’s recent policy announcements concerning its recognition of medicinal cannabis, represents a substantial and swift policy change in Latin America. I have previously written about the significance of the ANVISA announcement,

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GUEST POST: Hemp In Guatemala

By Mario Andres Arroyo Unda President of Cañamo Industrial Guatemala Association –CAÑIG- One of cannabis’s subspecies, globally known as hemp, is arising as a commodity and a new industry around the world. Many countries have modified their legislation in order to be part of the supply chain of this new market, and others that have

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Mexico Cannabis Update #9

Preview of Medical Cannabis Rules by COFEPRIS Dr. Jose A. Novelo, director of the Federal Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risks (COFEPRIS) appeared before the Mexican Senate’s Health Committee to discuss the current government’s public health agenda. Not surprisingly, one of the main subjects discussed was the status of the long-awaited regulations for medical

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Schoenmaker Humako Sues The Government To Plant Cannabis In Brazil

HLG Global team helps build legal strategy for a lawsuit against the State and the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) A major flower and potato producer now wants to plant hemp to produce fiber, food, and especially medicines. The company Schoenmaker Humako, which is part of the Terra Viva Group, has filed a lawsuit against

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Mexico Cannabis Update #8

New Cannabis Bills Introduced to Senate In the past months, additional bills have been introduced in the Mexican Senate with the intention of regulating cannabis and hemp. As of today, a total of 13 initiatives o proposals to amend existing or enact new laws have been filed in the Senate in addition to another number

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GUEST POST: Cannabis, Communities, and Crime: Recent Statistics for Lingering Fears

This article is authored by Tony Gallo, Managing Partner for Sapphire Risk Advisory Group, LLC. Sapphire Risk Advisory Group is a Partner of Hoban Law Group.  Almost every state has legalized cannabis to some extent, whether that be for medical marijuana, broad recreational use, or CBD.  Dispensaries are becoming a common sight in busy cities

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The world's leading firm in consultancy for the promotion of hemp-related businesses announces that Ecuador is about to enter the global investment map in this sector. Hemp has great potential to develop the Ecuadorian textile, biofuels, paper, cellulose, bioplastics, lubricants, cosmetics and medicine industries, among others. HLG estimates that as soon as reforms to the

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