Investing in Cannabis – The State of Affairs – August 2020

Brent Johnson, Hoban Law Group It’s now August 2020, and I believe most of us thought we’d be over the hump with the COVID-19 pandemic.  Well, it certainly appears that the virus will remain a challenge for many months to come and a continued force on the broader economy and the cannabis industry.  That said,

Investing in Cannabis during a Crisis

Cannabis Investing and COVID-19 Investing is no easy game, and the cannabis sector is no exception. With the COVID-19 pandemic still front and center, the long-term impact of this virus on the broader economy and the cannabis industry remains highly uncertain. That said, cannabis is now “essential” in virtually all respects. Across the country, this

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Being Dragged Along or Getting to Tag Along.  Transfers of Equity Interests

Typical LLC operating agreements and corporation bylaws/shareholder agreements have seemingly battleship boilerplate provisions about when, to whom and under what circumstances a person, (human or entity) that owns the equity interest can transfer their equity interest.  There are usually separate provisions for voluntary transfer to affiliates, offer and sale to third parties for valuable consideration

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 Your Valuation, My Terms. 

Looking beyond the valuation of a cannabis business to create a valuable relationship. George has an aptitude for making the best concentrate he has ever tasted; all his friends agree. Jean had grown up gardening with her mom in Humboldt, and has been growing cannabis for a living for over a decade.  When they met,

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[PRESS RELEASE] Yes We Cann: Cannabis market and symposium

The Chicago Reader, MOCA modern cannabis dispensary, and Emporium Arcade Bar have joined together to present Yes We Cann, a cannabis market and symposium, Saturday, Oct. 19, 2019. This will be a day focused on educating and empowering Chicagoans about cannabis and hemp, while giving a platform to local businesses, educators, and professionals dedicated to the field. A marketplace will

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Securities Law Basics: Partners and Investors

By Dennis Brovarone and Peter Stavropoulos Except for the rare circumstances of an extremely multi-talented individual with personal wealth, nearly every new business is a combination of actively involved people and passive investors. While “general partner” has a specific legal meaning of being all-in with respect to the business liabilities, “partner” is also often a

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