CBD, COVID-19 target of FDA warning letter

Government officials have directed NeuroXPF – a marketer of CBD founded by a former NFL lineman – to email an FDA COVID-19 task force, explaining steps it has taken to correct alleged violations of law tied to marketing claims. Federal regulators have targeted a company founded by a former professional football player for making claims

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Trade groups irked with FDA following CBD report to Congress

FDA’s 15-page report to the House and Senate appropriations committees was met with criticism from some leaders in the natural products and hemp industries, who have said the agency is dragging its heels on actively regulating a hemp-derived compound that has proliferated in U.S. products marketed as dietary supplements. FDA last week told Congress it’s

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Coronavirus may delay Mexico vote on hemp, marijuana legalization

Mexico’s vote to legalize hemp and marijuana will likely be delayed because of the coronavirus pandemic, one attorney following the proceedings said. The delay has not been announced, but it’s expected to happen any moment, said Luis Armendáriz, an attorney in Chihuahua, Mexico, who is affiliated with Denver’s Hoban Law Group. “My realistic expectation is that they only

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Green Market Report’s Top 11 Cannabis Law Firms

In these trying times, it’s always good to have an excellent lawyer on your side. A strong contract goes a long way towards protecting your interests and if you find yourself in a dispute, you certainly want someone who understands your business and can work with cannabis companies. Green Market Report compiled this list with assistance

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Mexico’s legalization of hemp, marijuana could be ‘quite significant’ for US markets

Mexico is poised to become the world’s most-populous country with legal marijuana and hemp next month – and, unlike its northern neighbor, Mexico is setting nationwide regulations to cover all forms of cannabis, no matter the THC content, instead of having a patchwork of laws for the two plants. That could potentially open more business opportunities in

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Hoban Law Coronavirus Update

Hoban Law Coronavirus Update      It is the highest priority of the Hoban Law Group to ensure the safety and well-being of our attorneys, our employees and our clients. The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has governments and businesses around the world taking measures to prevent the spread of this disease. At this time, HLG is recommending

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The Cannabis Society is proud to present our Denver Executive Business Conference on April 2nd

The Cannabis Society is proud to present our Denver Executive Business Conference on April 2nd. We are dedicated to fostering the cannabis community through events, conferences, dinners, & many more. Join us for a unique deal making session and to hear from Industry experts, entrepreneurs, investors and service providers on what is to come in this

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State-Legalized Marijuana and Real Estate

Download Full Article A Lexis Practice Advisor® Practice Note by Cátia Kossovsky and Garrett Graff, Hoban Law Group. This practice note discusses (1) the challenges that can arise when marijuana-related businesses (MRBs) rent or purchase commercial real estate, (2) MRBs’ insurance needs, and (3) the ability of residential landlords and common ownership associations to limit

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