Litigation Looms As The Likeliest Outcome Of Oral Contracts Or Handshake Deals

To professionals having recently entered the industry space for legalized cannabis and hemp, the adjustment from the types of commercial issues encountered while working for a large mainstream corporation can be an abrupt, if not outright dramatic, switch. As an old legal saying goes, a contract is a contract is a contract. Yet, not all

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New Jersey Cannabis Convention Coming to Atlantic City September 14-15

Atlantic City, New Jersey – September 5, 2019 – The first annual New Jersey Cannabis Convention is coming to the Atlantic City Convention Center for two days of business and medical education September 14-15, 2019. NJCANN will be the largest gathering of New Jersey’s medical marijuana industry professionals, and ultimately those looking forward to the

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Hemp Industries Association begins “Hemp Is Legal” campaign

The Hemp Industries Association (HIA), in association with Hoban Law Group, Bluebird Botanicals, and Bish Enterprises, is pushing forward a national campaign aimed at addressing Facebook’s advertising policy that prohibits the marketing and promotion of industrial hemp to an even bigger objective. Now, they’re taking aim at the financial sector and law enforcement nationwide. In

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Hemp Industries Association (HIA) Takes its “Hemp is Legal” Ad to Times Square Addressing Banking Issues

Its “Hemp is Legal” campaign was launched in May in which the group, including the likes of Hoban Law Group, Bluebird Botanicals, and Bish Enterprises, called out Facebook for having strict advertising policies preventing hemp introduction. In a recent press release dated, Wednesday, August 28, 2019, the not-for-profit revealed a new step taken, and it

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‘Global cannabis supply chain is based on industrial hemp’: Q&A with cannabis attorney Robert Hoban

Industrial hemp is big business – and it’s only going to get bigger as investors around the world begin to pile money into the development of infrastructure for hemp products. According to cannabis attorney Robert Hoban, the foundation of the global cannabis marketplace will be built on industrial hemp. Hoban, who is the president and

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FBI scrutiny of corruption in US cannabis industry welcomed by some, scorned by others

The FBI’s announcement that it is probing public corruption in the legal marijuana industry has stirred up strong reactions among cannabis insiders. While some complain the FBI’s scrutiny is another example of how the legal MJ industry is being unfairly targeted as if it’s a bottomless gold mine, others welcome the feds’ attention to illicit influence on

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Expo in USA will explore critical issues as market explodes

As the middle-western United States gears up for hemp after passage of the 2018 Farm Bill, stakeholders across the vast U.S. farm belt face an array of challenges. Questions over the regulation of CBD, consumer safety, and standards for various tests frame the agenda for a business conference and farm symposium that will explore those

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Declined: Why Your Credit Card Company Won’t Let You Buy CBD

In 2018, CBD products raked in $2 billion and the market is estimated to grow to $16 billion in retail sales by 2025, according to a report by Cowen & Co. So why wouldn’t merchant service providers want to take a hit of such a growing and lucrative market? According to Hoban Law Group financial

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Green Entrepreneur’s Top 100 Cannabis Companies

Welcome to Green Entrepreneur’s first-annual 'Green 100' list. The all-star lineup salutes the top cannabis products, services, and events in the market today. From technology to THC, startups to conglomerates, these companies offer the industry’s most innovative, influential, and impactful products and services. Hoban Law Group made the list for Professional Services!

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U.S. Hemp Industry Should Not Be Affected by Chinese Tariffs Per Economist and Trade Experts

Chinese tariffs are impacting retailers selling consumer goods, but it does not appear that medical marijuana sales are feeling its effects, according to a recent report by Hemp Industry Daily. The reason is that hemp trade from the United States to China is virtually non-existent, according to Brian Cheng, a general partner at Arcview Group in San

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