Can Congress Speed Up CBD Regulation?

Experts weigh in on the various legislative pathways WASHINGTON — Having already submitted two congressionally mandated reports on cannabidiol (CBD), it’s looking less and less likely that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will release the long-awaited regulations that would provide a pathway for ingestible products. Leaving many in the industry to question if Congress

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The Critical Importance Of Social Equity In The Cannabis Industry

Written By: Robert Hoban What happens when a movement becomes an industry? That’s precisely what’s playing out every day in the commercial regulated cannabis market. It’s important to consider how the cannabis industry has a more profound burden and responsibility to social equity than other industries. It’s no secret that the prohibition of cannabis disproportionately and

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Why the Cannabis Industry Needs to Be Part of the SAFE Banking Act

If you want a perspective on how allowing regulated banking in the cannabis industry would be monumental, just ask Robert Hoban. A leading cannabis lawyer and policy advisor with Hoban Law Group, Hoban also is a contributor to on legal issues related to the cannabis industry. In a recent article, Hoban writes: “Simply

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Struggling Economy Might Signal Time For Cannabis Businesses To Seek Out Real Estate Deals

The COVID-19 crisis and ensuing economic downturn have created opportunities for cannabis companies to finagle deals on real estate belonging to mainstream businesses or marijuana firms that are scaling back or even closing their doors. Other cannabis companies are simply hoping their landlords will lower rents to fill vacant properties or to avoid losing existing

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4 Takeaways From the FDA’s CBD Accuracy Report

Multiyear studies show the industry is improving but could be better WASHINGTON — The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) submitted a report to Congress in July outlining numerous studies the agency has conducted to determine the labeling accuracy of various cannabidiol (CBD) products. As covered by Marijuana Moment, the report was the second mandated

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Corruption in the Cannabis Industry

It seems the latest corruption scandals in the cannabis industry could be just the tip of the iceberg. On December 19, 2019, an undercover FBI agent attended a meeting with two Calexico city officials, Bruno Suarez-Soto and David Romero. He presented himself as a representative of investors seeking to open a cannabis dispensary in Calexico.

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The CBD “Industry” Is Here To Stay

Written By: Robert Hoban Hemp legalization has solidified that products containing cannabidiol (CBD) aren’t going away. Last February, Stephen Hahn, Commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), acknowledged that it was “a fool's game” to attempt to pull hemp-derived CBD products off the market. This echoes the sentiment of former interim Commissioner, Scott Gottlieb, who’d

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As Maryland’s Medical Marijuana Market Ascends, Diversity Issues Linger

The medical cannabis market in Maryland is flourishing, with sales rapidly moving toward half a billion dollars a year. Experts credit that success, in part, to clear and transparent regulations – and regulators who have balanced compliance with patient access. But a huge lingering issue looms: litigation and investigations into a 2019 licensing round that

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