Week in Review 8.5 to 8.8

Lessons Learned from Hemp Shipments Gone Wrong; This Is The Most Marijuana-Friendly Congress In History; How The CLAIM Act Could Expand The Cannabis Industry's Insurance Options

This Week in Review

How The CLAIM Act Could Expand The Cannabis Industry's Insurance Options

The Clarifying Law Around Insurance Marijuana (CLAIM) Act, aimed at improving insurance options for cannabis businesses, was introduced Monday in the U.S. House of Representatives. Read more

EMMAC Acquires 100% of Terra Verde

EMMAC Life Sciences Ltd, the leading European independent medical cannabis and wellness company, is pleased to announce that it has acquired 100% of Terra Verde, LDA (“Terra Verde”), a Portuguese genetics and cultivation company. This acquisition establishes EMMAC as the largest vertically integrated cannabis company in Europe, with operations in eight territories and licensed distribution channels for medical cannabis in Europe’s largest medical cannabis markets, namely Germany, Italy and the UK. Read more

New Zealand Doctors Want The Power To Prescribe Medicinal Cannabis

The Government has committed to improving access to quality medicinal cannabis products, and the Ministry of Health is consulting on regulations in the area. The Government's assurance has prompted a local company to fund a visit by an expert in prescribing the drug.  Read more

Federal Court Orders DEA To Explain Marijuana Research Block

A federal court is ordering the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) to respond to a lawsuit concerning the status of applications for research-grade marijuana manufacturers. Researchers filed a suit against the agency last month, arguing that the quality of cannabis supplied from the nation’s only federally authorized cultivation facility is inadequate and that additional manufacturers are necessary to increase the diversity of marijuana for research purposes. Read more

Lessons Learned from Hemp Shipments Gone Wrong

The first time it happened to Mountain Strong Hemp Company in Steamboat Springs, Colo., in late June, a pilot refused to take off with a shipment of legal hemp. The cargo included clones that she’d mistaken as marijuana—hemp plants that were destined for Shady Lane Farms in Tennessee, according to Mountain Strong Hemp Company’s founder and CEO, Nathan Brough. Read more

The Cannabis Sustainability Inquiry: Could Marijuana And Hemp Offer The Solution To The World's Toughest Environmental, Social, And Economic Problems?

In March 2020 the United Nations is set to vote on what may be the termination of a half-Century of Treaty ban on Cannabis medicines. The World Health Organization is actively in the process of unprecedented scientific assessment of Cannabis, cannabinoids and Cannabis derivatives to begin to separate global stigma of the plant from the potential, its truly untapped medicinal, health-oriented public benefits. Read more

What To Know About The Senate Hearing On Hemp

After languishing for eight decades in the wilderness of marijuana prohibition, hemp is making a comeback thanks in large part to the popularity and economic potential of CBD, the non-intoxicating cannabis compound that has upended federal drug policy. But, some experts argue, the 2018 Farm Bill, which has legalized the cultivation of hemp, is seriously flawed. Think of it like a patch designed to correct defective software, it attempts to fix the unfixable by removing hemp and its derivatives from the purview of the DEA and Controlled Substances Act, they say. Read more

CBD And Hemp May Be Legal But Discrimination Continues

It’s a problem that virtually all cannabis professionals have had to face at least one time—or a succession of times—in their careers. For Sabina King, 42, CEO of Ashland, Oregon-based Hempure CBD, a maker of hemp-derived CBD products, the industry’s prevalent banking challenge has been the scourge of her once promising startup. But this balm of familiarity has done little to ease her dilemma. Read more

The State's First 'Economic Empowerment' Cannabis Shop Is Set To Open In Boston

Dorchester native Kobie Evans and his business partner, Kevin Hart, both African American, were recently granted a provisional license to open Boston’s first recreational cannabis shop, in the neighborhood's Grove Hall area. Read more 

Florida Activists Clear First Hurdle To Put Marijuana Legalization On State’s 2020 Ballot

Activists collected enough verified signatures on petitions in support of a proposed cannabis legalization constitutional amendment to trigger a state Supreme Court review of the initiative’s language. This marks one of the first official steps on the path to getting legalization on Florida’s 2020 ballot. Read more 

This Is The Most Marijuana-Friendly Congress In History

With the House and Senate heading into a month-long August recess this week, it's a good time to look back at what lawmakers have accomplished so far this year when it comes to marijuana reform: It is unquestionable that the 116th Congress is the most cannabis-friendly Congress in history. Read more