HLG week in review 2.1

Cannabis updates in Maine, Colorado, Minnesota and Louisiana. Industrial hemp updates in Alabama, Tennessee and Kentucky.

This Week in Review

Lawmakers consider sealing, erasing records of past cannabis convictions

Four Maine legislators are pursuing legislation to seal or expunge the records of people with past marijuana convictions following the legalization of adult use cannabis, putting Maine in line to potentially follow other states that have cleared criminal records for conduct that is now legal. Read more

Former Denver Post Journalist Joins Denver's Pot Conviction Expungement Effort

Denver's "Turn Over a New Leaf" program is still in its early stages, but the goal is to expunge thousands of low-level cannabis convictions that occurred before recreational pot was legal. Read more

Alabama agency taking applications for industrial hemp research

People and organizations interested in growing industrial hemp in Alabama can now apply to take part in a research program administered by the state. Read more

The Next Big Cannabis Opportunity? Mills to Process Industrial Hemp.

Flowers are currently the most valuable part of a hemp plant, but the rest of the plant is largely wasted. It doesn’t have to be but since the crop has been illegal since 1937, the capacity to process hemp stalks into useful materials, aside from CBD, is not yet available. Read more

How Hemp Became Insanely Lucrative

Derived from identical plants, vastly easier to cultivate, and profoundly more profitable, industrial hemp always lacked legalized marijuana’s sizzle. Read more

Minnesota Introduces Bill for Marijuana Legalization

Lawmakers are planting the seeds of legal cannabis in Minnesota — introducing legislation on Monday that would end marijuana prohibition in the state, creating a system of taxation and regulation for adult use. Read more

Trump Attorney General Pick Puts Marijuana Enforcement Pledge In Writing

William Barr, President Trump's nominee to serve as the next U.S. attorney general, made headlines earlier this month when he pledged during his Senate confirmation hearing not to "go after" marijuana companies that comply with state laws. Read more

Hemp is making a comeback

Hemp dates back to civilization of man. It played a necessary role in the founding and building of this country. However, it has been absent for many years. Although, we will start to see a lot more of it within coming years. Read more

These Tennessee farmers grew tobacco for decades. Now, they grow hemp. Someday, maybe, marijuana.

Faced with the decreasing profitability of tobacco and an expanding market of hemp products, some of Tennessee’s longtime tobacco farmers are abandoning the state’s traditional cash crop and embracing a lucrative but largely uncharted hemp industry. Read more

Frustration, Few Timelines on Louisiana’s Medical Cannabis

Frustrated Louisiana patients waiting for medical marijuana to appear in regional pharmacies received updates Monday on the lengthy regulatory and testing process, but few timelines for when they’ll gain access to medicinal-grade pot to treat chronic conditions. Read more

NoCo Hemp Expo Moves to Denver for 2019

Getting into hemp early is paying off for the NoCo Hemp Expo. The hemp industry conference's organizers just announced that their annual trade convention, set for late March, will move from Loveland to Denver to accommodate the growing field. Read more

State approves 1,035 hemp growers

The Kentucky Department of Agriculture released its number of approved hemp applicants on Tuesday, leaving little doubt that the hemp hype has taken hold in the commonwealth. According to the KDA, out of the 1,115 hemp applications, 1,035 were granted grower status. That's up from the 210 licensed growers in 2018. Read more