Cannabis capitalism, Hemp still facing challenges, In California hemp farming is approved and a new law gives people with records a do-over

Cannabis capitalism: who is making money in the marijuana industry?

Two hours north of San Francisco, in Mendocino county, orderly roadside vineyards give way to the rugged forests and misty coast of the Emerald Triangle, America’s most celebrated marijuana growing region. In June, more than 300 cannabis industry insiders gathered there for a weekend of bonfires, starlit hikes and river swims. It was a lovely setting to discuss why none of them seemed to be making money. Read more

Hemp, On The Brink Of Being Legal, Still Faces Challenges

It’s a giddy time for the U.S. hemp industry. Farmers are planting more acres. Businesses are selling more products. And with Congress on the brink of fully legalizing hemp, industry insiders are eagerly anticipating a boom. But even if the legalization provisions in the 2018 farm bill pass, hemp will remain a tightly regulated crop facing plenty of regulatory and legal challenges. Read more

California Hemp Farming Approved; Farm Bill Stalls

Vote Hemp, the nation’s leading grassroots hemp advocacy organization working to change state and federal laws to allow commercial hemp farming, celebrates the passage of SB 1409 in California, which legalizes hemp farming in the state. Read more

Marijuana reform: New California law gives people with records a do-over

Hailed by advocates as a chance for people to “reclaim their lives,” a new California law will soon make it easier for people with past marijuana convictions to get their records expunged completely, or their sentences significantly reduced. Read more