Industrial Hemp News in Colorado and New Jersey, Medical Cannabis News in Louisiana and Nebraska

This Week in Review

Colorado loosens restrictions on industrial hemp testing

The Department of Revenue’s Marijuana Enforcement Division, Department of Agriculture, and Department of Public Health and Environment (collectively “the Departments”) jointly issue this industry bulletin regarding the scope and extent of permitted testing on industrial hemp by retail marijuana testing facility licensees. Read more

NJ lawmakers advance legislation to permit farmers to grow industrial hemp

While most of the attention has been focused on attempts by New Jersey lawmakers to legalize marijuana for adult recreational use, agriculture advocates have quietly pushed for approval of a bill to permit state farmers to grow and sell marijuana’s more industrial cousin: hemp. Read more

Louisiana regulators remove patient cap on marijuana doctors

Amid concerns about bottlenecks to access, Louisiana regulators agreed Monday to loosen limits on how many medical marijuana patients doctors authorized to dispense cannabis can treat. Louisiana’s State Board of Medical Examiners voted 8-1 to remove a cap established in 2016 that limited physicians to 100 medical marijuana patients. People seeking the treatment pushed elimination of the cap, worried they will have difficulty getting the medication when it becomes available later this year, estimated around November. Read more

Nebraska Sen. Anna Wishart will introduce medical cannabis bill in early 2019

Republican Chris Holbert proudly touts his ranking as one of the most conservative members of the Colorado General Assembly. While the Senate majority leader still thinks allowing people to buy a high is a bad thing, he holds a different view of medical marijuana. Holbert said he’s seen cannabis significantly improve the lives of patients with debilitating medical conditions. Read more