HLG week in review 6.4-6.8

Gardner and Warren on Their Marijuana Bill Team-Up, Hickenlooper Vetoes Three Cannabis Bills in Two Days

Cory Gardner and Elizabeth Warren on Their Marijuana Bill Team-Up

At a press conference that concluded moments ago, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren and Colorado Senator Cory Gardner — a political odd couple if ever there was one — explained why they've teamed up to introduce a marijuana-related bill called the Strengthening the Tenth Amendment Through Entrusting States Act. Read more.

Hickenlooper Vetoes Three Cannabis Bills in Two Days

Governor John Hickenlooper has vetoed three cannabis-related bills in a span of two days, extending his count on Tuesday, June 5, when he rejected one bill that would have added autism to the state's list of acceptable medical marijuana conditions and another measure that proposed more flexibility in investing in cannabis businesses. The vetoes came just one day after the governor dismissed a bill that would've allowed dispensaries to apply for cannabis tasting rooms. Read more.

School Nurses Can Treat Students With Medical Marijuana, Thanks to Law Green-Lit by Gov. Hickenlooper

School nurses in Colorado now can administer nonsmokable medical marijuana to students whose parents have given permission. Read more.

Cannabis Comes to Fifth Avenue

New York's first medical marijuana dispensary has opened on 5th Avenue, one of the world's most elite shopping districts. Watch video.